Blogging has emerged as the tool of the decade. It’s versatile. It’s efficient. It integrates easily into any website architecture be it Wordpress, Joomla or Magento and most importantly, it provides results, provided it is used smartly. There is virtually no niche or industry that can’t benefit from blogging which is why there is no reason why companies, particularly small businesses, shouldn’t use them as part of their marketing strategy. In fact, being a small business, adding a blog section to your exiting website can even more beneficial to you. Below we will outline 4 reasons why blogs would be a great addition to your company website.

Become An Authoritative Voice In Your Field Of Expertise

A blog is a platform for you to express yourself. For businesses, it’s the perfect opportunity to build authority in your respective niche and gain public trust. Good quality content and authority posts will do that for you leading to increased traffic and web mentions. Sharing this content on social media platforms such as your company’s Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn page will bring an immense amount of traffic and revenue from those platforms and also create a fan following on these platforms too.

Shape and Strengthen Your Brand

A blog is a great way to introduce your brand to your customers. For businesses who have already achieved that, shaping it and strengthening it are two very vital components that a company blog can accomplish effortlessly. So many start-ups have gained immense visibility on the internet by utilizing this extremely useful marketing tool.

Connect With Your Target Audience

A blog is not just a platform for you to get involved in; the viewers, end users, the target audience can also pitch in the discussion with comments and even guest posts. It gives them the opportunity to share their thoughts and experience on a particular subject in response to content produced by you. This is the perfect opportunity to engage your customers head on especially if they are citing a negative experience. Why is that? Because doing so paves the way to right the wrong. Companies have seen their customer retention ratio increase because of having an active blog presence part of which entails constant interaction with the target audience.

Make Money

Who could argue with that? A well designed, neatly populated, SEO optimised blog would bring traffic from multiple sources to the company blog, thereby increasing traffic to the main site also known as the money site. This in turn would lead to higher conversions meaning more money.

You can’t go wrong with adding a blog to your existing domain. Speaking from an SEO perspective, if your domain already has decent PR and trust, your blog can quickly gain the same authority and trust provided you are keep the domains same.

SEO Tip of the Day

While we are on the subject of blog and domains, we recommend that companies put their company blog on the same domain as the web domain. We hope that you found this post both fun and informative. For more information on company blogs or for a complete free audit of your existing website, contact us

Posted On
Apr 20 2016