Undoubtedly, we are all guilty of flicking to the images or pictures, whether that is in a book, magazine, leaflet or web post. Perhaps it comes from our childhood days of not being able to understand the words and figuring out the story via the pictures.
Regardless, this trait follows us into adulthood and provides an incredibly valuable insight for marketers and creative agencies. Times are indefinitely changing, and the days of sitting around a board table to figure out the next slogan for Coca-Cola to ensure the consumer devours it, are fading away.
The digital age has parted the waves to allow us to venture into the consumers imagination more than ever before. Advertising is now about ideals and lifestyle shots. This method of approaching the consumer offers them the ability to place themselves into that picture. However, the picture is not complete without said product.
So, what has this got to do with creative agencies? Well, we all know the Nike tick or the Apple logo because their branding and creative design have been well executed and placed all around us to infiltrate our daily lives and thought patterns.
Now, before we begin to get ahead of ourselves and try to challenge the commercial giants of the world, let’s get the branding sorted. Your branding will not only consist of a logo, but it will influence all of your website design, stationery, signage, business cards, work transport and much more. The colours and graphics need to be carefully conceptualised so as to capture your business accurately and represent it correctly.
With cities outside of the capital such as Peterborough, Cambridge and Leicester now becoming saturated with businesses of all sectors, it is more vital than ever that your branding speaks volumes and sets you apart from the crowd.
With any digital agency, vision is essential – without this, it is difficult to be assured that they will be able to grasp your business’ mission and represent this to the best it can be.
i3MEDIA specialise in ensuring your business is supplied with a solution, whether that is simply a branding refresh or a complete overhaul exercise. Our creative team is able to produce vibrant and innovative concepts that take into account the very essence of your business and seek to project this visually.
If you have been thinking about this recently, it is time to act and ensure your branding is out there – ready to stick in the mind of the consumer. Get in touch today for a consultation, cuppa and cake. (We think the three C’s go together perfectly).

Posted On
Apr 06 2015