At i3MEDIA, we work with a number of businesses who have a lot to gain from successful Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, both of which are due to take place on 26 and 29 November respectively.

There are several ways we help our clients get ready for the upcoming sales period to ensure they stand in good stead to make the most of the increase in online shoppers, including through PPC (pay per click) campaigns. 

As Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2021 draw closer, we thought we’d reflect on how we helped one of our clients generate over £23,300 over the course of the Black Friday sales week, highlighting how we can help your business have a prosperous end to November after such a difficult 19 months.

Why is Black Friday Significant for Retailers? 

Black Friday originated in the United States as an unofficial holiday following Thanksgiving. Lots of people tended to have the day off, so in a bid to entice shoppers and kickstart the holiday season, American retailers started dramatically dropping their prices for one day only.

Since then, Black Friday has grown into a global retail phenomenon, with countries around the world adopting the unofficial holiday, offering massive discounts that tempt shoppers to spend more than they would on any other day. Black Friday is now the biggest shopping day in the world, with global sales increasing by an average of more than 600%. The UK is one of the biggest adopters of Black Friday, with sales increasing by more than 1000% compared to a normal day. 

Black Friday typically sees brick and mortar shops take the lion’s share of sales, but eCommerce businesses also fare exceptionally well. For context, in 2019, UK shoppers spent over £4 billion in shops and £3.7 billion online. In 2020, more money was spent online, but this can be attributed to nationwide lockdowns preventing shops from opening.

Regardless of online or in-person sales, every retailer has the opportunity to make money on Black Friday, with eCommerce businesses further benefitting from Cyber Monday – Black Friday’s online cousin. The companies that will benefit the most are those who rank on page one of search engines and those whose ads appear in the top spot for highly searched keywords. This is where the i3MEDIA team can help. 

PPC Campaigns with i3MEDIA 

There are certain items that are sought after on Black Friday, including clothes, cosmetics, and jewellery. They see high volumes of online searches, so any company within these industries stands in good stead of raising their brand awareness and generating copious numbers of sales – provided they’re on page one of Google. 

Our client sells jewellery, one of the big-ticket Black Friday items. As a luxury jeweller, the week running up to Cyber Monday has the potential to be lucrative for them in terms of PPC. To ensure they maximised their potential revenue, we created a Black Friday campaign specifically for the sales week. We started to target Black Friday keywords in the advert literature, and we created sale-specific lists a week in advance. This allowed us to take advantage of the increased searches surrounding Black Friday, bringing more traffic to our client’s website, raising their brand awareness, and ultimately increasing their sales. 

Over a seven-day period ending on Cyber Monday, our client’s Black Friday campaign generated 308,199 impressions. This means the campaign-specific ads we created were shown over 308,000 times on Google. Of that, we achieved 3,696 advert clicks which translated to 76 high-value sales. The conversion rate was 2.06%. This might not sound like a huge amount, but when you consider we spent £941.83 on PPC and we generated £23,321.43 in return, it’s clear to see how valuable a comprehensive, professional PPC campaign is. 

PPC is a fine balance of a number of things, and the bidding system can quickly get confusing. This is why we have a dedicated team of PPC specialists who manage all of our PPC clients, using their expert knowledge and experience to achieve the best possible results like we did for our jeweller client.

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Nov 05 2021