Once again the digital world is within the grasps of revolution at the mercy of Apple.

Travel back in time and radio was the only means of public broadcast; there was no television until years later. Now radio is available on TV, the internet and pretty much most other digital avenues.

The question has been raised since the near extinction of CDs, what will Radio do to meet the next challenge? Well, it would appear that Apple and Google are battling it out to answer this first.

That said we can rely on Apple to convince the world that streaming wasn’t a thing until they came up with their own service, bringing music to the world. However, Apple’s arrogance seems to engulf the world in magical simplicity and endears users.

So what is that that Apple are about to present to us?

Well, similar to the Spotify model, Apple are moving into the streaming arena, with one of the largest music catalogues in the business.

Drake introduced the service at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, with him stating: “This is something that simplifies everything for the modern musician like myself, and the modern consumer like you.”

Whilst Drake was busy introducing and praising Apple’s move, other musicians stood up and objected to the ‘free trial’ period that would not permit payment to them for their work.

Taylor Swift had written an open letter to the digital giants: "We don't ask you for free iPhones. Please don't ask us to provide you with our music for no compensation."

The post was met with hundreds of supporting artists adding their voice, and Apple, of course, provided a graceful response of acknowledgement and change.

Apple’s exec, Eddy responded in equal light-hearted jest with “We hear you @taylorswift13 and Indie artists. Love, Apple.”

When can we expect to see this new service?

Apple is set to release ‘Apple Music’ on June 30th, with the free trial being available to all users for three months. Following this incentive, the costing will be at $9.99 p/m. This is equivalent to Spotify’s premium service fee.

However, Apple has outdone them on the family plan rates. At $14.99, six members of the family can have access whereas this only entitles two via Spotify.

Watch this space for the aftermath of the launch on June 30th!

Posted On
Jun 25 2015