Here at, we have been long awaiting the day that social media giant; Facebook would announce the alter-ego to their ‘Like’ button, launched in 2009.
The company have since been inundated with requests for the alternative, together with numerous scams that have promised the option of a ‘dislike’ button upon the user completely, questionnaires, etc.
However, the day has finally arrived where Mark Zuckerberg himself has spoken publically about the ‘dislike’ button being in the final stages before reaching public testing. During his public address at Facebook HQ in California, the topic was approached with caution as concerns towards the use of the button for abuse was covered.
Zuckerberg openly said that he hoped the new feature would be used to express “empathy” were ‘liking’ a post would appear inappropriate, for example, the death of a loved one. He went on to describe the fact that Facebook users want to show their support and empathy but feel a ‘like’ button doesn’t match the tone of some posts.
While this is a valid purpose that the new button could be used for, Anti-CyberBullying campaigners have come forward with fears that this could encourage internet trolling and exploitation.
Marguerite Kiely, clinical director for children and adolescents at Pieta House, said that “certain young people could take being ‘disliked’ on Facebook more seriously than others.”
With the current social media prominence within young adults lives, it leaves the use of this button entirely in their hands, in regards to how this could be used or abused.
However, addressing the other side to Facebook, such as commercial and business users, this could be a revelation in highlighting any discrepancies with your morning coffee, or delayed flight. Undoubtedly us Brits like a good moan, and if a dislike button means a reduction in ‘strongly worded emails’ then complaints department administrators will be leaping for joy.
It is vital to a business to engage and interact with your fans on social media, significantly decreasing the amount of negative press accrued in such a public vicinity.
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Posted On
Oct 06 2015