Many of those in their late teens and early twenties will be well aware that they have witnessed the transition to the Digital Age.
Seeing the extinction of analogue TV, VHS, cassettes and the Gameboy, as well as the introduction of the internet as we know it, has made this an incredible time to be alive.
However, for those of us who are a bit more advanced with our age, there is an air of resistance to the digital world and its inevitable advancement into our lives and businesses.
That said, is there a choice?... Let’s take a look.
Digital in Education

Schools are at the very front of the battlefield.  They can’t choose to keep it ‘old school’ when the children are already aware that the real world moves seamlessly into the digital one.
Funding has enabled schools to purchase all manner of technology, from interactive whiteboards to Kindles and iPads. Children are taking part in lessons via a shared presentation on their tablets, doing their homework on laptops and writing their essays on MacBooks.
While some of us may feel that this isn’t how it was in ‘our day’, the future is here, and it is very digital. As citizens of this new era, it is our duty to ensure that this next generation is well-equipped for even more advancements in technology.
From buying your groceries online to transferring money, it is proving increasingly difficult to avoid the internet and the Digital Age on a daily basis.
Younger but smarter?

‘How do I add a picture to this email?’  ‘What’s this cookie thing?’
We’ve all been there, pestering the kids to pull themselves away from their phone and show us for the umpteenth time how to update our apps.
But are we missing something here? Are these ‘moody teens’ the future leaders of our country, the next Steve Jobs or even Bill Gates’ successor?
While some of us are happy reminiscing, the next generation is busy typing away at code that might be the next breakthrough in space travel or even medical advancements.
Can we control it?   

The Industrial Revolution was met with some level of resistance, but this proved inadequate to make any dramatic change to the transformation that was taking place.
In a similar vein, we are within the Digital Revolution, and while we may object to processes becoming robotic and internet-based, the ball is rolling too fast to be stopped.
Get on board

Whether you’re an individual debating whether or not to buy a tablet, or a business looking at budgets for a new website, there is still room on the digital train – but you better move quick.
With the industry moving at such an unprecedented pace, falling behind now means it is going to prove painfully difficult to try and recover the gap.
If you’re feeling snowed under with amount of digital news coming your way, take the time to have a chat with us.
Here at i3MEDIA, our consultants are experts in digital trends and are ready to take your call.   

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Jul 01 2015