We consider it vitally important to keep tabs on the Twittersphere. As a forward-thinking agency, we want to know what is getting the social media world talking the most because it allows us to make our marketing campaigns even more targeted.
June saw the ‘internet broken’ in a 24hour period, by the overruling legislation in America to make gay marriage legal. The consequent hashtag following was #LoveWins, which was globally tweeted over 9.7 million times in a single day.
Some length behind this huge move forward from the US, in terms of equality,  was the UEFA Champions League Final. The game saw Barcelona top Juventus 3 – 1 in what was said to be one of the most enthralling finals since Liverpool’s triumph over AC Milan in 2007.
You may be thinking that none of this matters to your business because you sell cosmetics, or you are a faith-based charity. Correction. The advertising space alongside these reports, whether that be on social media, TV or in the paper, is astronomical because it brings an excessive amount of viewers.
Ensuring that your finger is on the pulse for current affairs and topical discussions allows your business to be involved and, therefore, gain exposure.
American Airlines
We’re on board. Diversity strengthens us all & today we celebrate #MarriageEquality & the landmark #SCOTUS decision.
Love matters. Happiness matters. #AcceptanceMatters #Marriage #Equality
These simple statements do wondrous things for their public rapport. Whether you decide to tweet around the topic, or just general Twitter ramblings, with large events ‘breaking the internet’, there will be a lot of people online, scrolling their feeds.
Be sure to be seen!

Posted On
Jul 23 2015