If there’s anything the team here at i3MEDIA understand above all else, it’s the importance of flawless web design. One that is nipped and tucked to not only please visitors aesthetically but also ensure supreme user experience and bring out the best in your brand.
Yes, your SEO efforts may be driving substantial traffic to your site, but aren’t you tired of watching potential customers fly the nest?
We thought so too, which is why we have compiled just three reasons as to why your visitors may be jumping ship, below.
Is it me you’re looking for?
If you’ve ever clicked on a website in the hope of finding something that you later discover is not covered by a single page or is notoriously difficult to find, you’ll feel the daily pain of online shoppers. Conversely, for businesses, the sting of impatient buyers is nothing new. However, shouldn’t we be making more of an effort to ensure our sites are simple to navigate?
Instead of overbearing platforms shrouded in complexity, focusing on functionality that doesn’t compromise on consistency and themes suited to your target demographic, is usually a good way to go.
Improving readability
Readability doesn’t just refer to the quality of content on a page though this is important; it can also mean the text size, colour and even font. So, when a user clicks on a page, it’s important that these factors cater for all types of visitors. This means avoiding hard-to-read and unappealing text colour contrasts, and making sure the text is big enough to actually understand, without taking up too much of the page.

A tricky balancing act, we know, but it's what we do.
Blank space is good
At the same time, instead of trying to cram a long list of information on the homepage, stop and remember – blank space is good! Not only does it break up the content for users, saving them the hassle of scrolling through a wall of text to find the information they’re looking for, but it can also help visitors determine the most important and relevant section on a page. Too much ‘clutter’ can prove irritating, especially when combined with auto-play multimedia that leaves little-to-no white space.
Whilst these three online shopping bugbears are by no means the end of the list, they are a good starting point for businesses wondering why their visitors are jumping ship. Of course, you always have the assistance of the team at i3media.net, who will be happy to discuss a brand new web design with you.

Posted On
Sep 25 2015