That time of year, in which teens dread the morning of their A-Level and GCSE results, has thankfully been and gone.

But just how important are those results, and how influential has the internet been in achieving them?

The phrase ‘free education’ rings various meanings across the globe. However, in the UK, it is what the majority of us attend for the main part of our childhood and teenage years.

What we fail to realise, however, is that the education we receive between the hours of 9.00am and 3.00pm doesn’t end there. The internet boasts a wealth of information and is perhaps the much sought after ‘pool of knowledge’.

Particularly with the introduction of Apps, which appear similar to a game in structure, young people are increasingly engaged with the internet and its answer to learning.

The days of doing homework and awaiting the red tick or cross a week later are no more, and we are far more accustomed to an instant response online.

The digital age has seen an attitude shift and the ‘now, now, now’ expectation leads us to seek instant, interactive and informative resources online.

With such a large percentage of homes in the UK having access to the internet, a true ‘open culture’ can be obtained, allowing those across the British Isles access to all manner of resources.

With this level of accessibility, more and more educational providers are looking into platforms that allow their students to access lesson and lecture information online, as opposed to in workbooks.

At times, even with the best of intentions, students may not always be able to gain access to a library, making the internet an even greater asset. While it may prove a struggle for some to stay on task with the option of Facebook or Buzzfeed also open on a tab, at least the internet doesn’t close down.

Together with a 24/7 open resource, students are also able to access notes and information on the move; either via smartphones, tablets or other internet enabled devices.

All things considered, don’t you think it’s time your students had access to your knowledge after the bell goes at 3.00pm?

Posted On
Sep 15 2015