Mobile – Keep a Keen Eye on It
As pressure rises on consumers each year to find the perfect gift, the option of finding things on the move becomes ever more attractive. Whether they are waiting for a train, are on the bus on their way to work or even sat at home; one thing is constant, and that is their mobile phone.
Undoubtedly, we are well and truly into the digital age, and there are not many of us that haven’t used our smartphone to purchase goods; from a simple t-shirt all the way through to a last minute novelty gift.
Make sure that your mobile site is showing exactly what viewers and customers need to see. By identifying your top sellers and placing your finest offers on the homepage, you will attract those that are looking for that quick, easy purchase.
Ensure you iron out any issues in good time, to reduce any loss rates from complicated checkout processes or invalid promotional codes, etc.
Consider Instagram

There is always a few of us that are happy to look out for a good old’ bargain; whether that means thrift shops or a make-it-at-home gift. Over the last five years, the image-based social platform, Instagram, has already marked out its position in the industry and offers an excellent opportunity for marketing.
If you have a product that customers are already engaging with via one social platform or another, then Instagram needs to follow alongside, in natural progression.
Starbucks have certainly got this one down to a T; there doesn’t seem to be a single blogger out there who hasn’t snapped themselves with their named, skinny-double-shot-iced-caramel-festive-punch latte.

De-Clutter Your Homepage
It is the season to be jolly, and it is the season to give and receive. So make sure you are allowing your customers to do just that! Scrap anything unnecessary on your homepage and make sure you’re attracting those big spenders to all the right areas!
Special offers, his & hers gifts, children’s gifts, special delivery features and all the other festive e-Commerce favourites; be sure to make these super accessible and obvious.
Next Year
It may seem a little too early, but rest assured, it is true what they say; Christmas comes around quicker every year. Make sure that you get a call arranged and set up with us here at i3MEDIA, to take a look into your e-Commerce web design and development needs.

Posted On
Nov 30 2015