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At i3MEDIA, we specialise in maximising your business’ online exposure with a mixture of tried and tested methods, as well as new and innovative techniques.

Our team make it their business to stay ahead of the game, ensuring that our clients reap the rewards of working alongside us.

As one of the most historical cities in the United Kingdom, Cambridge is home to numerous businesses that operate on a local, national and international level. For business owners, the marketplace can feel somewhat crowded – this is where Search Engine Optimisation ensures that customers can pick you out from the crowd.

Our team of experts compile a thorough SEO audit of your website before working with you to create a plan of action, clearly explaining each step of the way. We cut through the technical jargon and explain things in real terms, ensuring complete transparency.

An SEO strategy that works for you.

SEO has evolved into so much more than simply ensuring that your onsite content incorporates one or two key phrases for Google to pick up. Contrary to what some so-called professionals may lead you to believe, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all strategy. Every individual is different - so too are businesses and their websites.

Your business may specialise in a particular service that no other company offers. With a one-size-fits-all strategy, this niche might be overlooked in favour of targeting generic or saturated keywords that are dominated by hundreds and thousands of better-established competitors. Part of what we do is to identify areas your business can target in order to differentiate yourself from the competition, gaining a valuable advantage.


Our services don't begin and end at bringing traffic to your website. The user experience plays a major role in your website’s overall SEO – key factors include page loading speed, content and navigation, amongst others.

We create bespoke strategies based on your business’ KPIs, working to exceed targets in order to help your business flourish.

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Content Strategy and Marketing

The content on your website is the difference between a user continuing to learn more about the services that you offer and simply clicking the back button.

With poor quality or little content, your website gives the user no reason to stay on the page.

As part of our Search Engine Optimisation services, our team will analyse the content of your website and work to optimise this to improve your search visibility. Unless a new user has an immediate understanding of your brand from the moment they click on your website, your onsite content needs revising. Text, pictures and videos should broadcast your brand’s voice, staying in keeping with the tone of your business.

Whether you are targeting the local Cambridge area or offer services nationwide, our in-house content team are part of what makes i3MEDIA one of the most attractive digital agencies in the United Kingdom. We create all of our content in-house, ensuring a high-quality end product.

Our services include writing and optimising product pages for an e-commerce website, creating onsite pages and maintaining a regular blog, as well as social media marketing.

Link Development

Whilst the onsite content certainly makes up a large part of your website’s SEO, it only contributes to half of its overall value. Start-ups and small business websites may only have a few links pointing back to their pages, something which can have a real impact on SEO.

Link-worthy content such as blogs is invaluable to your digital marketing strategy. In essence, each new link is a vote of authority in the eyes of search engines like Google and Bing.

Ensuring that your website has a healthy link profile from reputable websites increases your own authority, as well as being generally good SEO practice.

As well as constantly working to maintain the quality and diversity of your link profile, our technical team will work to remove links that may be causing harm to the overall ranking of your website. These include spam, websites featuring adult content and completely unrelated links, all of which could cause search engines to push you further down the rankings.

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