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We have worked with numerous start-ups and local businesses looking to establish themselves in the vision of search engines such as Google and Bing. For many, SEO is a grey area and with what is considered to be best practice consistently fiercely debated, it is easy to understand why.

At i3MEDIA, we don’t blindfold you with the technicalities, instead, we cut through the technical jargon - explaining in simple terms what works and why. We ensure complete transparency between us and our clients, which is one of the core reasons we were voted Peterborough’s Small Business of the Year in 2016.

Creating and Implementing an SEO Strategy

When it comes to creating an SEO strategy, there is no ‘one size fits all’ option. No two companies are the same, which is why before all else, we conduct an SEO audit in order to discover the best course of action for you. Regarded as one of Peterborough’s top digital agencies, we pride ourselves on offering a tailored digital solution to each of our clients.

Our team will analyse every aspect of your website with a fine-toothed comb – right from the homepage to analytical data - and review its link profile before putting together a strategic plan of action. You are kept informed throughout the campaign and also receive a monthly report clearly summarising the campaign’s performance.


One of the major misconceptions of SEO is that it is geared only towards search engines, manipulating the rankings - which is simply not the case.

As per Google’s guidelines, if the website considers the user experience and allows for an easy journey, the better its search visibility will be. At i3MEDIA, we are here to ensure your business ticks all the boxes.

While SEO revisions can take a little longer to make an impact on web traffic and conversions than PPC - which e-Commerce clients often utilise alongside - SEO does hold more benefits in the long run. Where PPC can be switched off, the effects of SEO will continue to keep your website ranking, maintaining visibility as a result, without having to pay for every click.

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Content Marketing and Strategy

The importance of maintaining quality content cannot be understated. There is a myth that content created purely for search engine optimisation purposes is overfed with keywords – do this, and you run the risk of incurring a penalty from Google. Spam is more harmful than having no content at all.

With our own in-house writers based in Peterborough, we have the capability to produce exceptional and unique content for your brand. Onsite pages and blog posts, as well as social media posts, are all created by our in-house team giving your website the full treatment it deserves.

The advantage of using an SEO agency in Peterborough for local businesses is that content is created by a team who are familiar with the area, as opposed to unearthing secondary research. Inhabiting a mutual area, we can better understand the issues encountered by local businesses along with its spectators.

Blog content produced by our team is engaging, informative and serves an important purpose in marketing content. Not only is this an outlet for news concerning the business, this is where issues within your area and other points of interest for your customers are discussed.

Link Development

On the face of it, one of the biggest grey areas when it comes to SEO is developing links. At i3MEDIA, it is simply black and white – we strive to improve your website’s link profile by creating link-worthy content.

Not all links are equal, far from it. Depending on a domain’s authority in the eyes of Google, a link is seen as a positive acknowledgement of a website, in effect rubbing off some of the authority of the website that published the link.

Usually, content that is deemed to be informative, acting as an insightful resource will be linked to another website embedded in its content.

There are many methods utilised in the search engine optimisation industry to gain links, with many of them frowned upon. This is why, at i3MEDIA, we take a thoroughly professional approach in order to gain natural links, while also disavowing potentially harmful links to remove any negative effect they might have.

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