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Helping Vulnerable Children This Christmas 

Barnardo’s children’s charity approached i3MEDIA for the design and creation of their Kidsmas Winter Campaign. The campaign was intended to help vulnerable children rediscover the magic of Christmas and make sure they feel supported and safe during the festive season.  

By raising funds, Barnardo’s endeavoured to provide children with the necessary support for dealing with mental health problems, abusive circumstances and, often, turbulent home lives.

Donations raised went towards providing emotional support, supplying sensory kits, funding group activities and hiring social or project workers to work with individual children in need. With our help, Barnardo’s hoped to give vulnerable children the Christmas they deserved. 

View Barnardo's Kidsmas project here

To fulfil Barnardo’s request, i3MEDIA needed to undertake the full creative and development process, producing a bespoke digital platform with an anticipated turnaround of only 6 weeks.

Our Approach

A fun, engaging gamified platform for collecting donations 

Using the i3MEDIA donation platform, we designed the Kidsmas campaign around fundraising through gamification. We transformed the process of collecting donations into a relaxed snowball throwing competition, engaging donors whilst motivating them to share their efforts across social media. 


Encouraging returning contributors

By adding an aspect of personalisation during the fundraising process, individuals who made contributions were encouraged to return to watch their campaign snowman’s personality develop. From choosing buttons, custom scarves and nose types to finally finishing the snowman with a quaint hat, the final result was a completely customised fundraising mascot. 


An attractive, colourful design for encouraging donations 

Following the Barnardo’s brief, we needed to design creatively considering the Barnardo’s and Kidsmas brand identities and the target audience, all whilst ensuring the platform would engage visitors and generate results. The fun snowman design achieved this balance, successfully targeting young people and their parents as well as organisations and social groups. 

Dedicated Mobile Site 

By providing a dedicated mobile website, we catered to Google’s Mobile First indexing which places greater weight on mobile optimised pages. With a focus on mobile speed and functionality, a dedicated mobile site also makes on-the-spot sharing easier and more accessible; an essential factor for ensuring fundraising success. 

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