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Cost Effective & High Quality

By developing this site with WordPress, we were able to create a site that was cost effective while maintaining the feel of quality that More Cars is associated with.

The result was a highly polished responsive site that had low maintenance costs.

mobile site

By ensuring the site was fully responsive we were able to make the site available on all platforms, allowing people on the move to search as easily as they would on a desktop.

Introduction to the other services offered.

We created specific information pages to showcase the variety of expert services that More Cars offers. Well populated informations helps to define More Cars as industry leaders.

Big Imagery

By using Large and Vibrant images, we were able to further emphasise the high quality feel of the elite products and services offered.

In-depth Details

In depth vehicle descriptions with Sales Overview

Automatically populated vehicle information highlights the seriousness with which More Cars operates. The CMS enables admins to easily add pre-loaded information to make adding vehicles a simple process whilst giving the customer an information-rich experience.

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