Welcome to the brand-spanking new and improved i3MEDIA website – because we don’t do things by half.

You might have noticed that we’ve given our website an overhaul, a lick of paint and a bit of a move around – and it’s not just to show off our incredible design work, web expertise and digital superiority.

It goes without saying that any web agency should be leading by example, pushing boundaries and showcasing their wares for all to see, but our site re-design goes way beyond that.

  • Yes, we wanted to improve the look and feel of our website for you, our user
  • Yes, we wanted to showcase our work, services and products in the best way possible
  • Yes, we wanted to transfer our own website onto the latest version of our bespoke in-house CMS – the i3CMS
  • And, yes, we wanted to vastly improve the user journey, creating more enquiries in the process

But, mostly, we felt you deserved it.

We’ve been giving our clients the very best of our digital creativity and expertise for so long – utilising the latest technology, innovative ideas and marketing prowess – that we forgot to give ourselves the same treatment – but no more!

What’s Changed

You’ll find the same sleek branding we’re renowned for, with a splash of colour to really bring our brand to life. Our streamlined navigation structure and menu have been redesigned for clarity, simplicity and to improve usability.

Our niche is one that is full of technical jargon and industry terms that make perfect sense to us but can be enigmatic if you’re new to digital marketing, SEO and web design. With that in mind, we’ve simplified our content – we don’t want our services to be confusing.

It’s easier than ever before to contact us, whether you want to speak to us about your campaign, apply for a job or simply to request a quote.

Our site is much faster, much more responsive and our authentic, high-quality imagery gives you a slight taste of what working with us is like.

Some Things Will Never Change

“We are driven by creative innovation, technical genius and client success.”

We work with an extensive and far-reaching selection of businesses across a broad variety of industries. Our team are specialists in their respective fields; bringing the latest techniques, technology and talent to your campaign.

We still offer the full package – eCommerce solutions, creative web design, online marketing, SEO, PPC, content creation, social media and project management, that our clients know and love; we just look better doing it.

We’re incredibly proud of our business and our lovely new website – so please do have a look and tell us what you think.

Posted On
Dec 05 2016