Create and manage content faster than ever before. Make changes instantly, review & analyse the results - all in a central, web based, always-on system.

Organisations conscious about how their customers consume content on their websites require a CMS which gives them rich features and analytics to make sure their visitors are engaged.

Advancing your
SEO strategy

The i3CMS is built upon core SEO fundamentals, which help optimise your site right out of the box. Our codebase and development of websites embrace SEO. The pages are naturally optimised for search engines, going further to provide the tools to manage on-site and structure

When selecting a CMS migration, there are some fundamental factors to take into account, each one having an impact directly or indirectly on your business.

  • Built with SEO
    in mind

  • Optimised for
    search engines

  • SEO Tools

  • Precise Analytical

Web Content, Custom Layouts and Widgets

Easily create, edit, preview and publish great content on your websites. Build pages and forms faster with an amazing drag-and-drop user experience. Built-in widgets allow you to tailor and customise your page, without the need for programming experience - the system takes care of everything behind the scene.

Permissions and Versioning

Ensure content quality and governance with approval workflows, granular permissions and version history

Personalize your content

Custom domain names and favicons

Edit templates and layouts

Edit intuitively in real time

Widget Selection

Videos, galleries, images, all at your disposal

Unlimited layout options

  • Grid

  • Gallery

  • Masonry

  • Fullscreen

  • More

Take a closer look inside

your personalised

The easy-to-use i3CMS gives you full access to a range of analytical tools, giving you full access to the vital information you need in order to grow your business.

i3Media CMS dashboard screenshot

manage & edit everything

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced website manager, the i3CMS interface was created with you in mind.

Simple, intuitive management features and CMS controls make it easy for anyone to manage websites, reducing the on-boarding and training drastically.

Publish Content like a pro

The i3CMS allows you to create SEO ready content that will naturally increase your standing in Googles search ranking. With strong access level controls built in, you can be sure that all content is approved and published live by those with permissions to do so.

Review and Analyse all of your products

i3CMS allows you insight into your most popular products, best sellers and those items that need attention. Manage multiple marketplaces from one system.

i3Media CMS analytics example 2

Analytics, Reporting and Insights

Tightly integrated into the Google Analytics platform to provide detailed, live insights into the performance of your website and marketing activities

The solution does not require you go outside the CMS environment to access this information as it connects to Google Analytics and displays data in well presented, easily digestible dashboards.

i3Media CMS analytics example 1


With the rise of significant mobile traffic, you need to make sure that connecting with your customers on-the-go is fast and provides a usable experience on small screens.


The CMS allows you to automatically create mobile pages, whilst adding content to your desktop site. This enables your marketing team to publish mobile optimised content faster than ever before.

i3Media CMS mobile example 1

High-Performing &
Fast-Responding Online Tools

  • i3Media CMS traffic stats example 1

    Built-in SEO Tools

    Built-in SEO tools ensure that your content helps to boost your Google search ranking. Easy to understand dashboard shows you how successful your campaigns have been.

  • i3Media CMS multilingual accessibility example 2


    Enhanced readability and multilingual support comes as a standard feature with i3CMS.

  • CMS image gallery example 1

    Digital Assets

    Store your high resolution images closer to your user, resulting in far quicker search results, both in the UK and abroad.

& Email

Capture sign-ups through targeted marketing opportunities. Segment data and improve conversion rates by creating effective emails to send out to your target audience.

newsletter on mobile example

mailer integration

Integration into popular email services to improve and streamline your workflows.

Email integration logos


Integrations into other system to provide better results and workflow optimisation. We have integrated and
connected to tools and services which allow you to better manage your business and optimise growth.

  • Google analytics

    Integrated Google Analytics enables users to track and view the journeys their customers make, how long they spend on pages, what is most frequently viewed and where they abandon their journey, allowing you to make the necessary changes.

  • Dropbox logo


    Link files directly from your dropbox folder via the CMS, ensuring that the users have the most up to date information without editing in multiple locations.


    Share files and folders directly from your box account, add, move or edit files easily on box, and always have the latest file version available on your site without managing in two places.

  • Salesforce logo


    Connect with the world's Number 1 CRM solution. Become a more successful business by efficiently keeping your customers satisfied by knowing more about them.

  • Multi Site

    Manage your in-store and online sales, pick & pack and click & collect across multiple marketplaces. You can even manage differently branded e-commerce storefronts or in-store kiosks.

Online Forms

Capture feedback, increase conversions or generate more leads with a form builder built-in as standard. Set up specific landing pages for marketing campaigns and organise your workflows.

form Builder

Build, configure and publish web forms using drag-and-drop tools with no programming experience. Capturing form submissions straight into your CRM and marketing automation systems.

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to your customers and their needs!

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Integrated multi-site management makes it easy for you to setup multiple campaign and microsites through the CMS's centralised interface. Editors can easily edit and amend content from various sites without having to switch URLs and permissions.

roles & permissions

Users, roles, content, permissions, templates, images and more can be effortlessly shared or synchronized between sites.

  • Performance

    Built for speed and efficiency, we have optimised code and hosting techniques to make sure that there are minimal barriers to good system performance.

  • Security

    Attackers do not have a guide for hacking our code. Developing a bespoke CMS that does not rely on delivering key functionality by using third party plugins, means you are not at risk from open source weakness or threats . Modules or plugins created by unknown developers can become outdated very quickly.

  • scalability

    We are not limited by the constraints of other systems. We have the flexibility to make it do whatever you need it to do. Without limits, your website can continue to grow with your business.

Are you conscious about how customers consume content on your websites?

You require a CMS which offers rich features and analytics
to make sure visitors are engaged.

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