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Cambridge County Council needed to update their dated and slow websites and upgrade to a more stable and reliable hosting solution.

Most significantly, they needed a website that was optimised for the user, with a simpler user experience and easier access to core information and transactions.

They were aware of our work with Peterborough City Council and concluded that we were best placed to undertake an end to end, citizen-facing digital transformation.

The goal was to create a secure platform that was so easy to use and navigate that the council saw a decrease in calls to their help centre and to simplify and streamline their internal communications.

We needed to create a digital front door to Cambridge County Council.

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Simple and Intuitive Dynamic Forms

We built innovative forms that reduced the internal time spent processing queries, saving the council time and money while increasing efficiency.


The fully transactional and manageable forms are some of the most advanced we have built.

They are multilingual, automatically translating forms submitted in foreign languages into English, saving the council money on translation services. They feature advanced form validation, ensuring that the correct information is entered in valid formats. They access the council’s database of I.D. and license numbers to validate the user before submission.


Conditional formatting properties

Conditional formatting properties built into the forms mean that they alter the questions and structure dependent on the information a user fills in, resulting in a tailored and highly relevant experience.


form completion

Upon form completion, the system figures out the most appropriate department or contact within the council to send the information to.


Secure cloud server uploaded documents

Documents uploaded to the forms are stored in a secure cloud server which is only accessible by specified individuals as defined by Cambridge County Councils Microsoft Active Directory, meaning that all data uploaded is completely secure.

A User-Friendly, Level Based Navigation

When you navigate the Cambridge County Council website you are never more than one click away from the top level to restart your journey.

The site uses big data to reorder the results based on how users are interacting with the site. As a result, the most popular pages in any set time period appear higher up on the navigation structure.

These changes transformed the site from a platform upon which information was difficult to locate, to an intuitive solution that is able to predict the next step of a user's journey through big data and machine learning.

Dynamic Tools and Utility Locations

We integrated a dynamic utility look up capability to help users quickly find their closest utility or important information.

  • Location lookup

    The locations look up tools allows users to find their closest council run utilities, such as their closest library or waste disposal centre. This is fully manageable by the council, giving them the ability to add, remove and edit listed utilities.

  • Dynamic tool

    We created a dynamic tool to update parents and carers of school closures. This provides up to date information on which local schools are affected on snow days.

Creating and Migrating Subdomains

When we took on the project with Cambridge County Council, there were a number of microsites supporting the council sites - sites belonging to government organisations such as Adult Learning and Road Management. We were tasked to find a solution that would move these from independently hosted and managed sites to a solution that would be easier to manage and control.

We built a number of microsites that are manageable from the same content management setup which use the same tools and share secure hosting and site infrastructure. The central management system simplified the internal processes for updating these sites, and management accounts allow the council to set different users varying levels of access.

sub domains that we've worked on

A Centralised Intranet Platform

Our bespoke intranet platform has simplified their internal communications. The platform is only accessible from within the council’s network or via a VPN.

  • 01.

    The intranet automatically identifies
    users through Microsoft Active Directory,

    triggered when a user logs into their PC. It features a phone book with links to launch a Skype call, contact details and information about key personnel and an internal noticeboard to encourage open conversation.

  • 02.

    Direct questions of the CEO

    We also installed a feature which allows all council employees to ask direct questions of the CEO, allowing her or her team to answer in an open and transparent forum.

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A Dedicated Mobile Website

The sheer volume of information and the importance of a seamless mobile experience

meant that a responsive site design was not an option for Cambridge County Council – instead, we created a dedicated mobile website.

The search results and navigation are optimised for mobile users, and all the content from the desktop site is accessible. Although structured differently.

The result is a mobile website that allows the user to complete a transaction or form without the need for a desktop computer. The dedicated environment ensures that the mobile site is fast and easy to use.

Third Party System Implementation and Support

A full, end to end, digital transformation is slow, resource intensive and costly.

As such, we ensure that our system integrated with existing internal systems and software, reducing the amount of training and support needed on handover.

This meant that council employees could be reassured that whilst the front end and many of the backend systems had completely changed, much of their day to day tasks would remain unaffected as we could retain use of the software and solutions they were used to. We only replaced existing systems if doing so would result in an increase in efficiency or a decrease in cost.

Scalable and Secure Cloud Hosting

The Cambridge County Council website is hosted in the Cloud

The Cambridge County Council website is hosted in the Cloud; the data entered onto the site is transmitted securely between the user and the council. All the data and information stored on the CMS is saved securely to the cloud.

As demand on the website increases, the system scales the servers accordingly, so the council don’t have to pay for peak ability 365 days of the year when it is only required at certain times.

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