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With very few competitors, Fancy A Snuggle were almost instantly an industry leader. Prior to asking us to create an innovative website, Fancy A Snuggle had been a long-standing client of i3MEDIA’s and had trust in our capabilities.

the brief

At the beginning of their venture, almost four years ago, printed mobile phone cases were only beginning as an industry. Fancy A Snuggle were offering a product that was completely customisable for the user, and was able to be printed by the company and delivered direct to the customer.

With mobile and tablet device sales on the rise, consumers were looking to ensure that their device was personal and related to them. The core service the site offered was a unique case building service, which allowed the user to upload, resize and add text to images that could then be applied to their desired case.


Form Follows Function

This unique tool was an immediate success and generated a great level of interest. Based on this success, we can fast forward to 2014 and the launch of a new and refreshed version of the original website.

The rejuvenated site was more engaging with customers than ever before, offering features such as competitions and promotions. The images were larger, the experience sleeker and the site more refined.

custom case builder

A powerful tool catered for all kinds of mobile devices.

The Case Builder

Fancy a snuggle website casebuilder example
Upload via Computer, instagram or facebook

Get options of uploading/importing images from your computer, instagram or facebook.

Easy to use Editing Tools

Adjust your desired image using a variety of easy to use options from moving, zooming and even resetting.

Uploaded Image preview

Get a preview of how your mobile device will look with your custom case.

Custom Text tool

Add your desired text to the case with a variety of options from choosing fonts to changing sizes.

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