The Greater Cambridge City Deal is a central government agreement to invest up to £1 billion in the Greater Cambridge area between 2014 and 2030. We were commissioned to create a bespoke brochure website with ease of use, accessibility and clarity at its heart so that the public could easily stay aware of what was happening in their area.

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appealing website
Engaging and Informative

The core purpose of the new Greater Cambridge City Deal website was to inform quickly and easily. With this in mind, we focused our efforts on creating an eye-catching, easy to absorb design that quickly conveyed the message of each page.

Custom Iconery

Icons have a huge impact on user experience and ease of use. We created appealing custom icons to grab and hold the attention of users. Used both onsite and in printed material, to create a connection.

Vibrant Colors

Complementing the visual website focus was a vibrant colour scheme, drawing the eye of visitors and quickly informing them of key information.

Superb Control
Deep Level Customisation Options

For the Greater Cambridge City Deal, branding and professional design were essential considering their position as a government associated company.

To cater for this, we gave the organisation full, detailed customisation options within their website, enabling them to edit and create pages that matched their brand perfectly. This customisation was designed to control everything from a single, easy to use interface, giving the City Deal total control over their website’s appearance and brand.

Background Control

Along with content and visual editing options, we ensured that the City Deal had complete background control, allowing them to create entirely bespoke pages and styles.

Pattern & Colour Control

With the use of vibrant colours throughout the design, pattern and shade editing was essential to provide the Deal with absolute control over their pages – so we implemented this too.

Level based navigation
Clear, category-based site structure for quick navigation
Informative and visually appealing
Project and News Updates to keep people in the loop.
  • Latest projects and news

    The scope and purpose of the website demanded that all of the Deal’s new undertakings and projects were accessible, so each project has a section of their own.

  • detailed project timeline

    For quick and easy understanding, the project page came complete with a comprehensive project timeline, illustrating what has happened and what is planned for the future.

  • Explore project milestones

    For the affected public, the speed of local works was important, so we ensured that the core project milestones were equally visible, easy to access and easy for the City Deal to manage.

project timeline
Navigate your way through project updates
quick scrolling

Utilising the bespoke project timeline, it was easy to discover what has already happened and what will happen using our quick scroll feature, to move back and forward along the project timeline.

yearly based dividers

With yearly date divisions, navigation and understanding of the project were significantly improved, helping users at all stages of the project get a quick and clear picture of the timelines involved in each.

grid based layout

Featuring a grid-based layout, the timeline’s content was easy to absorb and understand, making the process as simple as possible.

Documents enable people to easily find information
  • Detailed document listing

    With a clear and minimalistic design, we ensured that the document listing portion of the website was built for easy use and understanding. With the ability to link to modern.GOV and other 3rd party documentation giving one single view to ensure citizen transparency.

  • downloadable Documents

    Considering the public nature of the Deal, all of the documents had to be accessible, which is why we ensured each one was downloadable at the click of a button.

  • Previous Versions

    In a continually evolving project like this, it was essential that any changes could be quickly found and understood. To this end, we implemented a previous versions feature, making any prior documents viewable and downloadable, ensure it was easy to see which was the latest and which was an old version.

Feedback and consultation
A consultation section so that the public could address future plans
Keep track of consultations

All public projects need feedback. Our system tracked all feedback from public consultations for easy access.

contact information

Official contact information was stored with each of the consultations, ensuring further public feedback was easy and went directly to the relevant stake holders.

downloadable documents

This information was public property, so we ensured it was easily downloadable for any and all citizens.

Dedicated mobile

The City Deal’s projects are predominantly more visible when people are away from home, the website was designed around people and the public, which meant that providing an easy to use website on the go was fundamental. With this in mind, it became clear that a dedicated mobile site was a necessity and so we created one from the ground up.

responsive to tablet

With the continually increasing number of users on the go, an adaptable site was fundamental to making the website effective for everyone. We ensured that the website was responsive for tablet so that no matter where the user was, they could find their information easily..

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