Integrated Tools

A host of integrated tools make for a fully functioning site that is easy to manage.

  • Volunteer

    Help provide easy access to volunteers to contribute toward the growth and support of charity.

    Muslim Hands
    Setup campaigns that volunteers can be a part of. With our volunteer tool it really is that simple.

  • Sponsorship

    Sponsor a child, family, village, and any other form of sponsorship you may wish to setup. Manage all sponsorships through the built-in CRM module.

  • Integrated Marketing

    Full feature marketing insights provided through intelligent analytical dashboards.

    Marketing Dashboard
    Allows you to stay ahead of what your users are doing, where they are engaging, and whom with

  • Campaign Landing

    Full control over launching campaign pages, directed specifically to a particular cause or appeal.

  • CRM Module

    Integrated Customer Relationship Management allows you to manage all donations, sponsorships by individuals in a single place.

    Grouped information on each customer/donor/sponsor

  • Accessibility

    Helping to remove barriers that prevent people with disabilities from accessing websites, by utilising features such as changing font size, screen colour and read-aloud services.

  • Events

    A simple, highly usable area for checking upcoming events.

  • Multilingual

    Visitors are not excluded because of the language they speak or can read.

  • Text Messaging

    Provide volume messaging service, giving you the flexibility of targeting people directly through text messages. This is fantastic for immediate response appeals and news sharing.

Donations Platform

  • Donations area

    Our bespoke donations platform allows you to create & manage various campaigns and appeals. The system supports one-click quick donate to address the immediacy of emergencies.

  • payment system

    Our payment gateway can integrate with any merchant of your choice. All payments are logged in the CMS next to the type of payment, donations, sponsorship etc. These can further be exported to your accounting system or CRM.

  • Donor Account area

    Users will be able to create an account once donations are made, this account will contain all previous donations they have made and any sponsorships they have. This also gives the charity an opportunity to ask some questions that can later translate into targeted marketing.

  • recurring payments

    We are able to offer a service, if your merchant allows, to take recurring payments. Once the donor sets up a recurring payment, these will continually be taken off their card, much like DD. The system will also auto-generate thank you emails every month, quarterly, or yearly if you wish.


Give your donors the ability to create profiles to gain donations for your charity

Fundraiser Profiles

Create an area where users can create profile pages and gain donations for your charity.

Fundraiser Campaigns

Create areas and processes for approval and vetting projects.

Donation Tracking

Money is centralised and controlled so donations can be tracked & reported on.

Multiple Sponsorships

Sponsor a child, family or village, and any other form of sponsorship you may wish to setup. With i3CMS you can manage amounts and all sponsorships through the built in CRM module, giving you complete control over all aspects of your sponsorship campaigns, now, and in the future.

CRM Sponsorship Module Setup campaigns that volunteers can be a part of. With our volunteer tool it is really that simple.

Export Sponsorship Lists Export to Industry standard formats.

See how we changed the donation landscape for HRF.

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Our platform helps several charities reach their goals.

It is important that charities can maximise on the donations at events and when out and about. This makes scaling to a dedicated mobile a necessity.

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