Project Overview

A high quality site, build with ease-of-use and security in mind.

With their previous site being taken down due to a cyber attack, Global needed a site that was firstly safe, but also built with speed to limit the period they would spend offline. WordPress would be the preferred option here and enabled us to turn this project around in record time.

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  • Project Description

    When Global approached us, the main goal was to increase their personal car hire department, and encourage personal customers to book online, thereby freeing up the sales people to deal with the larger business clients.

  • The Problem

    With Global's previous site having been hacked, they needed to ensure their system was totally secure. In addition to this, they also required a total re-brand to advance the development of their business.

  • Objectives

    The objective was to drive large corporate clients to contact a salesperson directly, allowing for a more personal approach. The site also drove personal customers to book online, therefore freeing up more salespeople to do B2B sales.

Project Context & Challenge

Process & Insight

Creating everything from the ground up

With a previous brand identity that was struggling to stay with the times, we had the opportunity to completely redefine their brand and the way their business was represented in the marketplace.

Typography & Color

Global self drive hire typography update image

Extended security and performance SLA.

With the peace of mind that comes with knowing your site is secure, Global could focus on what was important- growing their business and increasing their online presence.

Central Control

Localisation for each branch with central control

Each location has it's own landing page and it's own contact form, directing all enquiries to the branch closest to the client. All pages are controlled from one location.

Integration with pro hire

By integrating with Pro hire, we were able to seamless connect the functionality of this system with Global's own website. This allows users to search by location, book cars online and ensures the process is easy to understand. By enabling personal clients to book online, this free's up more sales people to finalise bigger contracts, resulting in a higher turnover.

The goal for Global was to drive organic SEO

Contact forms are linked directly to search terms, making them easy to find.

Customers' search by location will return the appropriate landing pages as well as the contact form for that branch. This makes it easier for customers to book vehicles online.


Flexible & user friendly mobile version

A fully responsive website meant that Global's customers could search and book vehicles online from desktops, tablets and smartphones.



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Secure, fast and mobile optimised WordPress setup.

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