The Discovery

During the early 1960s a young Bill Allen took a trip to America and made a point of investigating the caravan industry across the pond. His trip highlighted the popularity of these residential homes amongst many Americans, and a little while later, upon his return, Allens Caravans was established.

With the ambition to set Allens Caravans apart and take the role of the most trusted and viewed website within the industry, they came to us. So, we set about doing our research and figuring out just what it was that made Allens, Allens.

Initially, we were commissioned to develop their digital marketing strategy, and did so for 18 months. During this time, we realised just how far behind the digital age the industry was, this was followed by Allens coming to us and requesting we draw up a proposal to reinvent their online presence.

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With the current economy making retirement an expensive and taxing ordeal, rather than one of relaxation, Allens primarily offered an alternative to this uncertainty.

The culture of their Residential Park Homes needed to come across clear and defined, leaving the user in no doubt of what was
on offer at Allens and what their ethos was.

Allens Caravans iPad view 1

We put together a successful set of creative concepts that interacted accurately with the typical clientele that Allens received.

Through sophisticated graphics, images and typography, we created an organised and refined website that highlighted all the positives about Allens and what they had to offer.

Allens Caravans website screenshot 1
Holiday Parks website screenshot 1
Allens Caravans website screenshot 3
Allens Caravans choose park screenshot

But, we didn’t stop there. Knowing that their audience had become increasingly mobile and digitally savvy, Allens came back to us to address the challenge of taking them mobile.

The new mobile site allowed potential customers to access all the necessary information on a dedicated and intelligent mobile platform, encouraging an improved bounce rate to the site.

Allens Caravans website mobile screengrab

Throughout the creative and technical aspects of this project, our goal was to maintain the family run feel that Allens was founded upon. Where possible, we incorporated images and text that detailed the ambience of the various sites and locations, allowing visitors to form an immediate connection.


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