Design meets clarity

Increase the functionality & User friendliness

Human Relief Foundations website screengrab

Design follows functionality

Simple clean design allows for clear and direct donations, reducing the clicks in the donation process.

Water 4 All Fundraising page

Quick Response to Emergencies

Dedicated emergency pages with quick donation functions can be created at short notice with no need for development.

Human Relief Foundations Orphans and Families website screengrab


Templated easy to create landing pages to maximise conversion from marketing campaigns

Simple and Functional

Donation platform for making a difference

  • Quick Donate
  • Single donation
  • Recurring donation
  • Gift aid
  • Direct debit
  • Courses and categorisation
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Human Relief Foundations Syria Appeal website screengrab
Human Relief Foundations Water Projects website screengrab Human Relief Foundations Donations module screengrab

Donation Cards

Expandable Donation Listings

Single donation category cards expand to give the donor advanced options, allowing them to feel that the donation will make a real difference.

For a Cause

An easy way to fundraise and make a difference through social giving and activism

Human Relief Foundations ipad responsive website

Tabbed & Detailed

Easy to sponsor orphan & families

Personalised orphan and family listing allows them to get to know the recipient before sponsoring them. If donors can not afford to sponsor, they can always send a small gift donation.

Mobile Site

It was important that Human Relief Foundation could maximise on the donations at events and when out and about. This made dedicated mobile a necessity and is now an increasing percentage of their donations.

A Snuggle

Customised Design and Ordering System

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Bespoke Event Invitations

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