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Supremebeing is one of the influential, modern brands that have turned to urban and street wear as an iconic fashion statement.

Undoubtedly, the fashion industry is one of the fastest and most efficient at reinventing itself and constantly shifting in trends. So having a website that can’t keep up is detrimental to any fashion brand that wants to remain in contest with the competition.

The company first began working with i3MEDIA upon recognising that their current website was in need of an urgent face-lift. The shared goal was to generate increased footfall and ultimately more sales through the site. The original site in place wasn’t using a sufficient system to be able to provide a good buying service and experience.


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We provided a new concept for the brand to move forward with, in terms of sales. This immediately increased sales, largely due to clearer images, dynamic content and SEO benefits.

our challenge

During our time working with Supremebeing, we have redesigned the site three times, year on year, all done via a Content Management upgrade from i3MEDIA. Their site is currently running on the latest version of i3Commerce.

Throughout the process of these changes, we remained fully conscious of their target customers and ensured that what our designers were creating would appeal directly to their demographic. We recognised that the visitors to the site would not be easily swayed or impressed with overbearing coloured banners and flashing offer pop-ups; as such, we created just the right visuals.


Journey about how it all started.

2010 saw the site get another refresh, this time introducing our new version of the CMS, offering better control over products, statistics, analytics, remarketing and customer retention. One of the notable changes that we brought to the site in 2012 was the distinction of collections, and we collaborated with Supremebeing to fully understand the new direction in which they were taking the brand.


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The brand is built upon their urban-inspired collections, right down to the nature of the site being primarily accessible from a mobile device, for customers on the move. The dedicated mobile site increased sales due to the speed and usability of the site on a smaller screen. Due to this being a dedicated mobile site, the team at Supremebeing have full control over distinguishing what content is present on the desktop, as opposed to the mobile site.

Tablet Friendly

Our latest update for the site has meant a more responsive interface for tablets, ensuring the success of the mobile site is not interfered with; this has also allowed the brand to incorporate videos in alternative views.


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