Islamic Help contacted i3MEDIA, wanting us to assist in dramatically improving and refreshing their entire digital strategy.

Gaza emergency appeal
Digital Agency of Record for Islamic Help

Having already worked in the faith-based humanitarian relief sector with another organisation, we were seen to be the perfect match. As with many websites in the charity sector, work on Islamic Help’s website and marketing was largely done by volunteers.

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  • “One Design Company helped us refine our brand and build a cleanly designed, wonderful website that customers love.”

    - Islamic Help -
  • “One Design Company helped us refine our brand and build a cleanly designed, wonderful website that customers love.”

    - Islamic Help -
  • “One Design Company helped us refine our brand and build a cleanly designed, wonderful website that customers love.”

    - Islamic Help -
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From the Ground Up

We started with Ramadan 2014, by creating a digital strategy around the ‘BeOne’ campaign. This included creating a micro-site with a dynamic and innovative donations platform, directed at generating maximum donations for Ramadan and also relief efforts around the world.

Content Strategy

Adding Value to the Internet

The functionality and creative design was intended to instil empathy amongst visitors to the site, guiding them to the key campaigns requiring the most support. This level of attention-to-detail meant that the site was able to tap into the emotions of visitors, giving the site a more real and personable touch.

BeOne Campaign banner

The final typography based logo for the Be-One campaign


Custom crafted widgets for make information easy to find for the audience

Example Zoom donation statistics
Donation slider background image
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A clever combination of creative and technical development made sure we allowed for donations to be easily taken from a large and diverse international audience.

From the start we knew we could do more and make the entire experience more interactive for visitors. We designed the site based around a widget structure so elements on the page could be easily moved and adjusted depending on the visitor interactions.

AAA User Experience

We created a fluid, highly usable site that shows a real understanding of it's key audience and their needs. With that, the service gained massive credibility and world beating results for its key goals.

Completing the live site on time and delivering a high quality user experience ahead of the key donations season, the site was able to improve donations and visits at a much higher level than ever before.

Image on site search box

We built a dedicated mobile site for optimised experience, quick information and donations.

This presented the visitor with the donations screen on access, allowing them to quickly make a donation whilst on the go. Not only did this enable donations to increase and improve the brand’s exposure, but it also helped Islamic Help to remain in line with the movement of industries towards mobile accessibility.

Islamic Help mobile responsive 1 Islamic Help mobile responsive 2

Current Campaigns

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Islamic Help mobile responsive


We deployed the charity's main website in early January 2015, which was supported by an ongoing SEO and digital marketing campaign. Our dedicated team helped achieve great rankings, resulting in Islamic Help being the number one result for the competitive Qurbani search on Google during the holiday period.


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