A brand new website built from the ground up

Centred around building brand and visual storytelling


AfriKids didn’t just need a functional website that allowed for donations, they wanted a strong online presence that accurately conveyed their brand and the work they were doing. They wanted to put the effects of their work first, emphasising the impact that donations could have on real people living in Northern Ghana.

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At the heart of their brand was people, both Afrikids’ own team and the children they helped, which meant that the website had to show these people and tell their stories.


A donation platform driven by imagery

AfriKids didn’t need a content heavy website, they needed a way of sharing real stories about real people. With this in mind, we designed a bespoke donation platform that was exceptionally visual, grabbing the attention of users whilst emphasising AfriKids’ honest, clear and human brand.

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A clear donation system focused on ease of use, speed and simplicity

Give as a Gift

With the addition of a gift giving option, donators could support specific orphans and individuals, giving them the knowledge of who their money was helping.

Single & Monthly Donations

We needed to ensure that donators had as much freedom as possible, which is why we used a minimalistic design along with single and monthly donation options.

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Adaptive pages for simple management and an event-friendly, responsive site

From the outset, AfriKids made it clear that the website needed to be easy to manage and edit. They needed pages that could be easily changed and replaced, removing the need for brand new pages to be created for each of their fundraising events - which is exactly what we delivered.

To further support this, we made sure that all of the pages were responsive for use on tablets during events, along with a dedicated mobile site too.

Other Designs

Unparalleled website design, encouraging users to support the AfriKids brand


A dedicated, independently managed mobile site

For complete customisation and management, we created a dedicated mobile site that was managed separately to the core website, enabling pages to be tailored to the mobile device audience.

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Customised Design and Ordering System

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