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Establishing A Boutique Brand

Ayesha Ziya required a complete rebrand of their online presence. They needed to move away from a site that didn’t reflect their luxury brand and made purchasing a product difficult to one that oozed their boutique brand and featured simple, streamlined navigation.

To fulfil the needs of the client and create a luxury boutique brand we stripped the project back to the essentials. A sleek design, a simple structure and outstanding product photography.

We consulted with the client on product photography, determining the angles, styles and lighting required to create the luxury look their brand required. The result is a sophisticated, boutique brand and a site that is as easy to navigate and use on mobile devices as it is on desktop.

The resulting imagery takes center stage on a website that is designed for simplicity, allowing the quality of the product to shine through.

Our Approach

A Home Page That Oozes the Ayesha Ziya Brand

We set ourselves the task of creating a home page that screamed luxury from the moment a user lands on it. A simple design, with succinct text and an enticing cinemograph achieved exactly that.

Our Approach

Streamlined Navigation

One of the most important criteria for the project was to create an incredibly simple navigation that efficiency takes users to the priority pages on the site. We optimized the site structure and information architecture in such a way that the navigation needs just two main links.


Simple, Sleek, Sophisticated Product Showcases

For Ayesha Ziya, we didn’t want to just create product pages, we needed to produce product showcases. Platforms that showcase the quality and class of the brand and the product. We stripped back the design to let the products, and their stories get all of the attention.

Upsells and Bundles

We worked with the client to ensure there are simple and enticing upsell opportunities on the product showcase pages. We added one click add ons in the form of packaging upgrades, giftwrap, and upgrades to a discounted bundle of scents.

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