Sociable learning to benefit both
employees and employers

Curious Vitae came to us as a start-up organisation, with a vision of introducing large organisations to the benefits of staff development courses based entirely on their employees’ desires. By enabling staff to anonymously register their interest in specific topics, it would become easy for large corporations to improve satisfaction and communication – all they needed was a platform.

Exploring Curiosity

A vast range of subjects and courses

Curious Vitae’s system relied upon offering interesting training courses that employees would want to engage with and employers would be impressed by. To this end, we designed their new website to centre around the vast range of courses available, separated into levels and categories.

Employees would then anonymously select form these courses, with their registered interest being passed to their employer, showing which courses were the most popular and worth paying for. To achieve this, we enabled each individual employee to register an account with their CV of course interests, before extracting the relevant data, compiling it and sending it to Curious Vitae’s client.

Social Interaction & Learning

Enrich lives and develop company relationships through sociable learning

By offering the same courses across the company, businesses enabled employees who would never usually engage with one another to meet through a similar interest, boosting company communication and efficiency.

Tailor Made

  • Create your course of lifestyle and academic subjects
  • Passionate experts adapt their knowledge to your needs
  • Flexible structure, content, level and style


  • At your place of work, your home or nearby café, hotel
  • At a time that suits you and your course group
  • Experts on hand throughout the course


We split the course offering to
interest all prospective clients


For employees looking to grow their knowledge, we collated Curious Vitae’s focused and interesting academic courses, encouraging staff to push themselves and their skills.


For those looking to learn a new skill or simply have fun, we created an entirely new section for lifestyle activities, each designed to engage and grab the attention of browsing employees.

  • Academic

    With a vast course offering ranging in both difficulty and topic, we ensured that Curious Vitae’s selection was easy to locate and suitable for clients from all sectors.

  • Lifestyle

    With a vast course offering ranging in both difficulty and topic, we ensured that Curious Vitae’s selection was easy to locate and suitable for clients from all sectors.

Why become a tutor with Curious Vitae?

Along with attracting corporate clients, Curious Vitae needed a wide variety of courses to offer these customers. We introduced the Tutor Cruncher System into their website to achieve this, enabling course tutors and experts to sign up and fill in information on their skills and course offerings. The new tutor’s course would then be listed on the website, available for client employee selection and extending the range of courses available.

Responsive Design

Pixel perfect design across all devices

Business people often spend time on the go, so Curious Vitae’s website needed to not only look incredible on desktop but on mobile too. We created a dedicated mobile site to achieve this, in combination with a responsive desktop and tablet website that looked exceptional in all situations and at all times.


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