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Coffeegrams new website is dedicated to the love of coffee. Customers can customise their blends, buy beans and accessories and set up recurring payments, all in a hassle-free manner.

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  • Project Description

    Coffeegram approached i3MEDIA to develop a digital solution and online business for an idea they had been working on. A new venture with some very unique USPs. Right from the outset due to the startup nature of the project, we knew we would need to be dynamic and fluid in our approach.

  • The Problem

    The main problem we had to solve was bringing a new concept of buying and sharing coffee to the masses. The existing offerings were not great and coupled with the unique service Coffeegram were offering the website would need to be clear in understanding and easy to use.

  • Objectives

    Coffeegram wanted a simplistic and easy to use website, with the added function of a recurring payment system to simplify the buying process for the consumer, with the intention of streamlining sales. Coffeegram also asked us to include a dedicated blender page which would allow the user to produce their own blend of coffee, tailored to their desired flavour.

Project Context & Challenge

Process & Insight

Elaborating on the design process

Coffeegram website on macbook

We examined & identified what the current website lacked & highlighted them.


We carefully selected the typography for Coffeegram's new website to ensure that it epitomised the elegance of the new site.

Color Palette

The carefully chosen colour palette mimics the warm feeling of coffee itself, enticing the customer to keep looking.

Coffeegram website example color palette
Coffeegram website example new typography
New Color Palette
Coffeegram website example color palette 3


Select the equipment

We produced a dedicated Brewer page which offers users the ability to select the equipment they use to brew their coffee and choose the amount of cups they wish to make. The custom calculator then determines the amount of beans and water are required to successfully make the beverage. We have also added a temperature feature along with an online timer.

Create your own blend of coffee

i3MEDIA also designed a functioning Blender page which allows the user to create their own blend of coffee tailored to their specific requirements. Whether you desire a full bodied coffee or you prefer a coffee with a distinct nutty aroma we have a coffee for you! The selector offers the user the choice of creating a blend via the type of beans or by the desired flavour.

Our Coffees
  • Jamaica Blue Mountain 100g From £14.00

  • The Fitzroy
    Blend 200g From £8.00

  • Kenyan SL28 From £5.00

Subscriptions direct to
your door!

Coffeegram also offers subscriptions direct to your door! Simply pick a blend from the extensive Coffeegram range, choose a weekly, fortnightly or monthly delivery service for either a three, six, or twelve month period along with your desired grind and your all set!

Create your own coffee account and get coffee delivered to your door.

Coffeegram's easy-to-use delivery system enables you to create your orders and deliver them to yourself or to friends. You can also store your order for a later delivery. This feature allows the user to control when, where and to whom their order is delivered.

Advanced shipping levels calculations (bulky, standard)

The advanced shipping feature automatically calculates the amount that the customer will need to pay, by combining the total amount of standard or bulky items. This means that items are grouped under one delivery cost and an accumulative cost.

Advances SEO
schema mark-up

In-depth product information powers the google knowledge graph and powers you up the search. Descriptive mark-up built into the code explains each element to search with no additional administration time required.

Unique variation product pages

Each variation has a distinct URL from the product this allows not only search engines to index them individually but also for customers to deep link directly to the size and colour that they would like. This is loaded in such a way that the page will not refresh each time you make a change to the options.

  • Coffeegram website aeropress product
  • Coffeegram website syphon product
  • Coffeegram website cafetiere product

Managable SEO and marketing targeted landing pages

Admins can add new content or edit existing content to boost their overall SEO ranking and target marketing campaigns to specific audiences.

Separate Shipments Area

The advanced shipping feature automatically calculates the amount that the customer will need to pay, by combining the total amount of standard or bulky items. This means that items are grouped under one delivery cost and an accumulative cost.

Coffeegram website CMS admin example layout

i3MEDIA created a dedicated mobile site

Incase you want to purchase coffee on the go i3MEDIA also created a dedicated mobile site so that content could be accessed easily when on the move.


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