Client Overview

Simplifying a complex health platform

Nuffield Health is a not-for-profit organisation, reinvesting all profit in their gyms, medical centres, hospitals and their expert staff. This results in accessible, innovative ways for people to get and stay healthy.

Project Description

A recent study by the University of Nottingham resulted in us developing an application for Nuffield Health. This study showed a correlation between certain lifestyle factors and the health problems that commonly occur within them, which initiated the idea of developing an easy-to-use app that would be available for the public to determine their own possible risk factors.

Multiple Internal Admin Systems

Our journey with Nuffield began with us providing mainly back-end admin solutions, to help reduce the amount of time that nurses had to spend on paperwork. This allowed them to re-direct their valuable time to the patients in need. The application we went on to develop for them has proved extremely successful.

Health Risk Calculator

By utilising a host of Q-Risk algorithms, inputted information returns accurate results and delivers suitable
warnings to the user.

In-Depth Calculator

The smart health calculator returns accurate results and produces a print-ready PDF for the user to keep.

Integration with Wider Group Sites

Seamlessly running alongside existing systems


By running this smart application seamlessly alongside Nuffields existing systems, they are able to easily add or remove certain features or make changes without affecting their internal infrastructure.

Ability to segregate risk score based upon submission

The information returned upon submission automatically generates a usable document which details their level of risk. More serious risk candidates will be flagged in red and a suggestion made to see their GP. Over time, the information gathered can be used to target certain marketing campaigns, aiming specific treatments at specific demographics who show as commonly at risk for them.

Tailored Mobile Application

By utilising a dedicated mobile platform, the user can have constant access to this vital information. Users can input their information on-the-go and see their results on any device.


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