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While each site has it's own creative elements, the building blocks for each cities' site stays the same. This enables new cities to be added in a manner that is effective and efficient.

Project Description

The main aim for this collective of sites was to ensure that users would be encouraged to generate more interest themselves, saving City Fibre time & money.

The Problem

City fibre were expanding into new cities and had to understand where their customers were. By allowing users to register their interest, they ensure that the network expansion was demand lead, ensuring ROI.


We were asked to create a clean, functional and modern site. The site had to clearly showcase the business' services and to generate more interest from the public to ensure continued expansion.

One site per city for each deployment

By utilising one site per city, the community members have easy access to the information most relevant to them. Sites can be managed individually and kept well maintained.

The forms need to link into pardot

By connecting marketing and sales tools, Pardot allows City Fibre to increase the amount of visits and conversions generated by allowing you to learn more about your users.

Registration location and the number of registrations required will determine if they build in your area.

City Fibre builds depending on the amount of registered interest per location, encouraging community members to reach out to each-other to build the interest.

Multiple site support

While each area has its' own site-specific page, they can all be controlled from one location, making it easy for City Fibre to manage.

York Core
York Core example website
Aberdeen Core
Aberdeen Core example website
Peterborough Core
Peterborough Core example website
Kirklees Core
Kirklees Core example website
Coventry Core
Coventry Core example website

Registered users are encouraged to to generate more interest in their area.

City Fibre utilises its' registered users to increase demand. More interest means guaranteed builds in their area.


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