Ruler Crewing was a start-up based in the London Docklands that needed a clean and simple site for their brand-new recruitment organisation.

Their business focused on recruitment in the non-luxury shipping industry, a sector which is primarily contract driven. With short lead times to find an applicant and equally short contracts, the site had to be tailored towards speed and effectiveness.

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The nature of this industry is that contracts tend to be short and have short lead times to find an applicant.

Job listing

Simple and clear job listing

The nature of Ruler Crewing’s business demanded a fast and easy to use management system, enabling the admins to quickly and accurately list new jobs whenever they became available.

Job listing

Company driven growth

To help drive business growth and development, it was key to make job posting easy for employers. With a dedicated page, we ensured that informing Ruler Crewing about your job opening was as simple and stress-free as possible.

i3Cms platform

All applicant information stored in one place through the i3CMS platform

Dedicated accounts give applicants and admins the information they need At the heart of any recruitment system is accurate and accessible information, but what makes a special recruitment system is how this information is tailored to the users.

Upon applying for a job, applicants were given online accounts that tracked their registered skills, as well as their rating given by previous employers. In a short contract-centric industry, the ratings system gave employers something more during the selection process, amplifying Ruler Crewing’s service.

  • Application Data in One Click

    For admins, finding an appropriate employee for each job opening was paramount. To achieve this, we ensured that applicant information could be found and filtered with ease within their account.

  • Downloadable Applications

    The core of Ruler Crewing’s service was supplying employers with lists of potential employees in a short time span. Therefore, job applications, ratings and employee information had to be exportable in customer-friendly formats.

applicant profiles

Stored documents for an easy user experience

  • Upload Documents

    At the click of a button, applicants could upload and store important documents and licenses in their account, making future applications easier and quicker.

  • Friendly File Formats

    To keep data secure and uniform, file uploads were restricted to common formats, streamlining the service for both applicants and employers.

  • New Applicants

    By giving online account access to all new applicants, the service was consistent and simple, making life easy for Ruler Crewing and the users alike.

news area

A central hub for industry news and recruitment information


For all users, speed and simplicity are essential, so we ensured that the news section was customisable based on each individual’s personal tastes.

card based widget

For a clean appearance and uniform layout, we implement a card widget system, making navigation and understanding as easy as possible.

A Snuggle

Customised Design and Ordering System

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