Branding Exercise

A new look for a new approach.

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Years of experience in the property sector needed representing accurately via a bold and efficient website.

Getting started

The previous Alpha Estate Agents website offered a very disjointed and disrupted customer journey and experience. Sending users to a third party website when they searched for a property from an already out-dated content driven site was not up to current online standards.


The new site needed to be simple, clean and modern – allowing for users to be able to search for a property to let or buy in an efficient and up-to-date manner.

Alpha estate agents website screenshot
A powerful search and management system.

Once a customer has landed on the site,

more often than not the first feature they will use is the search tool. To ensure this is as efficient as possible, we added popular search filters to present information quicker and promote similar properties.


Being on the move, for
those ready to move.

It's no secret that many of us rely on our Smartphones to be in touch with the world, from News updates to social media, grocery shopping to house hunting. Alpha Estate Agents knew that being able to tap into this market was vital, so our team made sure that the experience on mobile was as seamless as on a desktop.

Meaning no frustrated fingers from pinching and zooming.

Alpha estate agents ipad screenshot
Filterable / Searchable property Attributes

An intelligent search platform with an array of search fields allows for a dramatically improved customer experience to the previous website.

This allows for the user to find desired content quicker and more seamlessly than before.

Customers can journey through the website, receive key information quickly and avoid irrelevant results.

We all appreciate it when someone or something helps us progress quicker. Property listings contain just the right amount of visual and text based information, so decisions can be made effortlessly and free up time to move on to the next stage of your real estate adventure.

  • bedrooms

    Be sure everyone has space to sleep.

  • Shower

    Know at a glance if there'll be a queue for the shower in the morning.

  • Furnishing

    Is it going to be the sort of place the whole family can meet up at, or just fine to be compact.

Extensive Property Page with Floor plan and EPC Upload

As if you were at the property doing a viewing.

Look at photographs, smoothly moving around a residence. Check the deeper description, see all the key information at a glance and add to favourites or enquire.

Alpha estate agents property listing screenshot

Efficient homes have become so important to humans who care about their cashflow but also planet earth.

With so much emphasis on the efficiency of homes and white goods, it is vital that the EPC is visible to potential buyers. A simple uploading process allows for the management of this to be streamlined. Together with the Energy Efficiency Rating, the Environmental Impact Rating can be equally easily uploaded.

Alpha estate agents epc screenshot
Alpha estate agents floor plan screenshot

Get to know the exact dimensions.

Uploading floor plans is easy. Prospective buyers can be shown the exact layout of a property so that a clear and accurate overview can be achieved of exactly what they will be getting.

The use of Google Maps has become synonymous with Smartphone users in particular, being able to locate properties so that they can gain some real-time location data.


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