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By using our own CMS we were able to build tailored features within the website, giving its users the ability to effortlessly update their portfolio and browse through other artists’ work.


Artradio, a new concept for an art-based social media platform that offered a space for artists of a variety of backgrounds to showcase themselves.

Initially another agency had been commissioned to start work on Artradio, however after presenting our incredibly flexible, customised i3CMS, i3MEDIA were seen to be the ideal partner for Artradio and their vision.

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Convenient & Simple
Challenge has been built with streaming, broadcasting and social networking capabilities allowing easy accessibility for both members and the online community. The importance of the usability of the site was paramount to users being able to connect and interact with the site just as they would with other social media platforms.


The main focus of this platform was to showcase people’s artwork and talents, and through its convenient and simple layout, it achieves exactly that. Alongside the web build, we also offered our Search Engine Optimisation and PR services in order to improve Art Radio’s online presence.

  • Artradio on device tablet
  • Artradio on device tablet

As is the case with all social media, without discussion and interaction, the platform is likely to fall redundant. Our SEO and PR efforts ensured that this was not the case, and via engaging methods Artradio’s online presence was raised.

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Purchasing items right from your pocket.

As important as the accessibility was for the artists in terms of the manner in which the site was built, it was also key that it was available on a mobile device. It was for this reason, together with the fact that so many users are online via their smartphones, that we created a dedicated mobile version of the site.

Powerful CMS

Powerful suite of features designed for artists of all backgrounds

Developing a complex social and community engine requires a strategic approach to planning, design and execution. We maintained high levels of quality yet making the most complex elements seem simple, all the time making sure artists could use the platform to the maximum benefit with very little training. Artists are able to create self-promotion material right off the site, by using the experience builder - allowing them to showcase their work by providing an interactive and immersive experience.


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