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The Forefront of developing artificial grass specifically for gardens, landscape and play.

Normally it is best to avoid advertising and selling fake goods, however with fake grass, this is exactly what we needed to do. Having previously worked successfully with another company in a similar industry, we contacted ALC with a full strategy proposal.

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It seemed a tall order to develop a website that would encourage their target market to make enquiries and buy online. Our team here at i3MEDIA did just that, with an in-depth, tailored proposal.


Our research allowed us to draw on vital information, that was key to Artificial Lawn Company's successful campaign. We looked into where they utilised their current marketing spend, before we took it upon ourselves to make recommendations or suggestions.


Ensuring engagement from
potential customers

It became evident that the way forward, was to target new industries and sectors which ALC were not currently able to focus on due to time constraints. To ensure that we engaged with a wide spectrum of potential customers, we developed a simple calculator that would make sizing and measurements easy.

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As soon as you enter your requirements, the price and area update accordingly.

We discussed how best to drive traffic towards the site, to increase enquiries and how to best manage this through a simple-to-use CMS. The CMS also acts as a CRM, pushing data through to Quickbooks for internal management.

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Purchasing items right from your pocket.

Our overall recommendations were to overhaul the website, but to begin with the mobile site, since it was clear that this was where the majority of their traffic and visitors were coming from.

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