Normally it is best to avoid advertising and selling fake goods, however with fake grass, this is exactly what we needed to do. Having handled all their marketing and hosting requirements since 2009, it was time for the Artificial Lawn Company to get a refresh.

At the time of building a new design, their current website was over 5 years old, which may not sound old but in the world of fast-moving digital trends, a 5-year-old website can look out of date and quickly fall out of favour with consumers browsing the web. To maintain their online presence which had been meticulously built up to this point and encourage online sales and enquiries for installation, the brand needed a modern refreshed appearance that was optimised for current design preferences.

To assist with the push for increased enquiries, a new shop and checkout process was designed and implemented, alongside a content strategy that would provide opportunity for reaching customers further afield in the UK, rather than driving focus on their previously local targeted markets in Kent and London.

As a long-established supplier and installer of artificial grass, the brand update and modernisation of their website and online store contributed to putting Artificial Lawn Company ahead of their competition in a market that was and continues to be, extremely competitive online.

website 2.0

Beautiful, Detailed
and Dedicated

It seemed a tall order to develop a website that would encourage their target market to make enquiries and buy online. Our web team here at i3MEDIA did just that, with an in-depth, tailored proposal that ticked all the client’s boxes while accommodating updates necessary to responsive design ensuring the new website worked seamlessly from desktop to tablet. A mobile site was designed alongside the responsive web design, providing a dedicated platform for driving and maximising mobile traffic, which continues to be where most of the visitors to the site come from.

our approach

Our research allowed us to draw on vital information that was key to Artificial Lawn Company’s successful campaign. We investigated where they utilised their current marketing spend, before we took it upon ourselves to make recommendations or suggestions. This included a homepage design that immediately and distinctly pointed customers down two routes, enquiring after installation services or going to the online shop. Not only was this streamlining the process for the customer but made a key aesthetic improvement to first time visitors to the site.

We discussed how best to drive traffic towards the site, to increase enquiries and how to best manage this through a simple-to-use CMS.
powerful tool

Real-time result updating calculator

Through implementation of a real-time result updating calculator, visitors to the website had no need to fill in page long forms or wait for the sales office to open before getting an approximate quote for their project. Now, customers could choose a product, choose a roll width and put in their required length. The calculator would then detail the area in sqm to be covered, how many rolls of grass would be needed and the total cost including shipping and handling.

sample request facility

Easy to request free product samples

Working alongside the Artificial Lawn Company, we were able to implement a backend system for tracking and segregation of free sample requests made online. Staff no longer had to find individual requests, instead able to choose a date range and print labels and shipping notes with one click for all requests made in that period.

get realtime updates

As soon as you enter your requirements, the price and area update accordingly.

Request free Sample

A simple form to complete makes it easy and fast for customers to send through their free sample request

Schematic markup

Ensuring engagement from potential customers

To improve engagement with customers, several higher quality and informative resource pages were created, providing visitors all the necessary information for their purchase within only a few clicks and providing comprehensive instructional pages for customers looking to carry out their own installation.

Schematics renders

Easy to understand project planners for assisting customers calculate how much artificial grass they will need.

step by step planner detail

Comprehensive step by step instructions covering all aspects of the install process for customers undertaking their own installation.

download as pdf/jpgs

Downloadable planner makes it easier for customers to work offline and away from the keyboard, preventing the need to run in and out the garden with expensive technology.

Product reviews

Building trust with potential customers by offering up-to-date customer reviews


    Up to date reviews from current customers allow visitors to see feedback based on recent purchases, not only building trust in the available stock but also the installation process and delivery times


    A small and easy to complete feedback form encourages customers to use the platform to deliver testimonials and comments on their personal experience


    Any feedback and comments received by visitors is sent through to staff and can be utilised internally to improve, update and evolve available services around actual customer experiences


Our research showed a potential for growth when providing customers an easy to use dedicated mobile website

With smartphones in the pockets of almost every homeowner, a greater number of potential customers were visiting the site from their phone, likely from their own back gardens while estimating the cost of a home renovation project. This followed anticipated web trends of increased mobile searches and put more importance on providing Artificial Lawn Company a dedicated mobile site that made visiting the website more accessible for their customers.

Since the implementation of the new website design with a dedicated mobile-friendly site, informative resources and a strong marketing strategy, results have shown a consistent improvement month on month on both new site visitors and the length of time visitors were spending on the website, with the average session duration increasing up to 80% when compared to pre-renovation of the website.


With the number of devices on the market increasing every day, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for website resolution, so our design was made fully responsive, working seamlessly between desktop machines and portable tablets.

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