Project Overview

Over 30 Years of dedication to the craft.

Founded in 1984 Concrete Renovations are a UK based structural repair company with over thirty years experience in the repair and maintenance of concrete, stone and masonry structures.

However Concrete Renovations' professionalism and dedication to their craft was not documented on their previous website. i3MEDIA were tasked with the design and production of a modern, sleek website that showcases the company’s values and services.

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  • Project Description

    We started the project by researching the business in order to understand the clients needs. After meeting with the client it became apparent that a fresh, modern and high quality website would match the Concrete Reservations ethos.

  • The Problem

    Concrete Renovations existing website was below par. With poor design, a slow response time and a complex navigation system, were were asked to update the site and bring it into the 21st century.

  • Objectives

    Were we asked to create a clean, functional and modern site. The site had to clearly showcase the business’ services and their core values. We also had to produce a dedicated portfolio section, exhibiting Concrete Renovations restoration work.

Project Context & Challenge

Process & Insight

Creating everything from the ground up

We aimed to address accurate communication of the company name, brand repositioning, and the merger of two unique brand experiences.

Exisiting Website
Concrete renovations previous website

We examined & identified what the current website lacked & highlighted them.


Was dated and flat, although a number of pages on the sight had high interest industry specific information. The text made getting that information slow and laborious.

Color Palette

The bold and aggressive color was very heavy and detracted further from the site content. It overpowered the images of the work making them secondary to the navigation.

Concrete Renovations website new color palette

Our goal was to create a branding that felt simple and intuitive while still expressing the depth and richness of the renovation experience.

Concrete Renovations website new typography
New Color Palette
Concrete Renovations website new color palette 2

Turning problems to solutions.

The layout of the site clearly displays the services which the business has to offer. The grid design allows the user to explore the vast ranges of services intuitively, quickly navigating to relevant content. Each service has its detailed explanation of their processes and benefits.

Services Card
  • Concrete renovations masonry repairs image

    Masonry Repairs

  • Concrete renovations stone repairs image

    Stone Repairs

  • Concrete renovations cleaning image


Portfolio pages examples
Portfolio Pages

We have also produced dedicated portfolio pages for each project that feature a comprehensive documentation of the projects.

Business on the move.

By ensuring that Concrete Renovations has a dedicated mobile site, the company won't loose any business from those on the move. This allows anyone with an internet enabled smartphone to effortlessly browse the mobile site and quickly attain any information required.


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