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The aim of this site was to showcase not only the off-the-shelf options from Cranville Wines, but also to encourage customers to purchase customised units.

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Filter Menus For Sub Categories

The advanced filtering options allow the user to completely customise what they wish to view. The user can select multiple sub-menus such as materials, sizes and finishes to accurately return the exact options they are looking for, virtually building the product they want to buy.

Cranville wines sort filters example 1

Image Changes

Variation Image Changes On Category List

Smart searches return more accurate results. User can directly target their search to a certain material or colour from the search bar, without having to go via the navigation.

Calculation solution

Advanced Shipping Levels Calculations (Bulky, Standard)

Shipping calculations are worked out by postcode as well as size. The system automatically adjusts the delivery prices based on the overall size of the order, instead of adding individual delivery prices. The cost of standard deliveries are automatically taken off when grouped with larger bulky items.

Seo solution

Advanced SEO Schema Mark-Up

In-depth product information powers the google knowledge graph and powers up your search. Descriptive mark-up built into the code explains each element to search with no additional administration time required.

Unique Variation Product Pages

Each variation has a distinct URL from the product, this allows not only search engines to index them individually, but also for customers to deep link directly to the size and colour that they would like. This is loaded in such a way that the page will not refresh each time you make a change to the options.

  • Cranville wines product example 2
  • Cranville wines product example 4
  • Cranville wines product example 3

Manageable SEO And Marketing Targeted Landing Pages

Using pre-created templates the Cranville Wines team can quickly and easily create dedicated landing pages, to maximise the return from any marketing campaign.

Offline, Phone, Cheque and PO Payment Options.

A wide range of customer payment options allows Cranville Wines to maximise of their sales. In addition to online payments, customers with accounts can pay via cheques, Purchase Orders and over the phone with traceable order numbers.

Cranville wines mobile example 5

Custom Design For Mobile Platform

A fully dedicated mobile site enables the user to buy anywhere, at any time. Customers can search on the go, make payments and complete their orders from their smart phone.


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