Combination Of Brochure And
E-com To Push Custom Products

The leading exhibition contractor, designing and building a massive range of customised exhibition stands, pop-up stands, banners and lightboxes.

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You could be forgiven for getting a little lost on the original site, with various images and a whole host of content that seemed to take over the entire homepage.

i3MEDIA took to completely overhauling the website with a sleek and modern style. This engages with customers and gives a clear indicator of GH Displays and what they offer.

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Contact Form on high value product

'More Information' form on high value products alongside 'buy' button.

GHD product display website
Section Management

Page Builder And Section Management

By utilising pre-built page templates, GH Displays are now able to update and manage pages, as well as creating great-looking new pages to add to their modern website.

Cross sell and Upsell bundle display image

Simple Discount packages and offers.

When attending an event or exhibition, it can be startling just how much equipment you will need as an exhibitor. With the intelligent bundle and promotions module, GH Displays are able to capitalise on offering multiple products at a discount.

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Advances SEO Schema Mark-Up

In-depth product information powers the google knowledge graph and powers up your search. Descriptive mark-up built into the code explains each element to search with no additional administration time required.

Independant URLS
for Each Variation

Each variation has a distinct URL from the product, this allows not only search engines to index them individually, but also for customers to deep link directly to the size and colour that they would like. This is loaded in such a way that the page will not refresh each time you make a change to the options.

Mangable SEO And Marketing Landing pages

Using pre-created templates the GH DIsplay team can quickly and easily create dedicated landing pages, to maximise the return from any marketing campaign.


Dedicated Mobile Site

Could you imagine being at an event and wanting to buy from those who actually produce the stands, but not being able to? Us neither, that is why you will find it efficient and simple to purchase from GH Displays on a mobile device.

The final and polished site allowed visitors to enquire and purchase in a straight-forward and hassle-free manner.


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