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While we may be in the digital era, some industries are still in the Dark Ages, and we realised this when we stepped foot into the Recruitment sector.

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Seamless & Efficient

Job searching has passed the stage of wandering around with an envelope full of CVs, and nailing the interview. As with many other things, it is now digitalised with a lengthy process of online applications before you even speak to someone.

our Approach

We approached Jark Recruitment having realised just how behind the industry was, with even large and established companies lacking in their digital strategy. While Jark were indeed further forward than a large number of their competitors, by having an in-house strategy, it was evident to both parties that they could benefit from a bespoke digital strategy.

In order to ensure that this would be the most efficient structure possible, we liaised closely with the internal team at Jark, to really get a feel for what they did on a day-to-day basis. This included tasks that involved individual branches, the head office and their website.


We’ve created a system that just works.

Having closely analysed and researched an industry-leading 3rd party service and its API, we were able to develop a job posting system. This sophisticated system lessened the workload of admin staff when updating posts across the UK, thereby taking full advantage of posting to major job boards with an automated feed through Vacancy Poster.

The Account Area offers an intelligent interface that allows job seekers to set up detailed profiles and receive alerts when matching or appropriate posts are updated. The system is also equipped with the capability to print window material; this included automatically generated QR codes.

Thinking Ahead

Jark had a new fascia, but that wasn’t all. Now they also had a system that would allow them to deal with their clients in a modern and up-to-date manner. As an agency, we think ahead of the curve, and we ensure that this translates to the projects that we present to our clients.

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How Jark’s backbone works

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Find yourself a job from wherever you are

Lastly, our research had highlighted the rise in mobile users in the industry, so it was key for us to have a dedicated and targeted mobile delivery experience. We designed and developed the mobile version, keeping in mind the way in which people would visit Jark on their mobile devices. Searching for employment was the obvious answer, so the immediate thing to do was to change the mobile delivery to lead with a search box.


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