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Piranha Furniture set their mission to offer quality furniture at highly competitive prices.

While still providing their customers with the security and first class after sales care they deserve

Piranha is now able to focus primarily on their mission to supply customers with quality furniture, without the high price tag. Now they can do so without having to manage the menial tasks that our bespoke solution can take care of, not to mention the more complicated aspects.

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Piranha's Website 2.0

Market Place Integration and 3rd party Warehousing

In our initial discussions with the team at Piranha, they were sure it was just a replication of their original site that they wanted. However, after looking at the long-term business aspirations that Piranha had, we presented them with the idea of a centralised solution. This solution would allow them to control their entire product range, from independent sites, on one collective platform – i3CMS.

From the outset, the mutual goal was to have a future-proof site that can adapt with the growth of the business, its sales and increases to product ranges. The business model itself operates a very streamlined and efficient process, from order fulfillment through to intelligent management of warehousing and product selection.

Integrated Services

Selling products through various channels, such as eBay and Amazon, using Channel Grabber proved insufficient for the level of business that Piranha was receiving.

In response to this, we offered an alternative solution. This solution integrated the following: full inventory, stock, warehousing and multi-channel services into our CMS, enabling the management and streamlining of Piranha’s processes to be even more efficient.

Behind The Scenes

Automated Purchase Orders & Pricing Optimisation System

However, our services to Piranha were not limited to our web solutions. We also helped them to reach more customers by offering our marketing and SEO expertise. With the new site and its SEO friendliness, we achieved significant increases in rankings since the launch. The first 21 days of the site going live saw, together with an increase in rankings, organic traffic reach its highest.

In the first 21 days of the site being live, month-on-month organic traffic increased by 29% and the year-on-year organic traffic increased by 145%. On top of these incredible figures, bounce rate dropped from 70% to 49% overall - a fantastic result for the new site and the team at both i3MEDIA and Piranha.

Search Engine Optimisation

Advanced SEO Schema mark up

Independant URLS for Each variation

Each variation has a distinct URL from the product this allows not only search engines to index them individually but also for customers to deep link directly to the size and colour that they would like. This is loaded in such a way that the page will not refresh each time you make a change to the options.

Marketing Done Right

Mangable SEO &
Marketing Landing pages

Using pre-created templates the Piranha team can quickly and easily create dedicated landing pages, to maximise the return from any marketing campaign.


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