New Way To Ensure Your Pets Can Always Find Their Way Home

The smart tag is equipped with a QR code and NFC technology to ensure that anyone with a smart phone can easily scan the tag and be taken directly to your pets online profile. Direct contact forms keep the owners information secure.

How it Works

Only 5 Steps To Help Retrieve Your Lost Pet Faster!

Bow Wow Meow Smart Tags are the fastest way to help reunite lost pets with their owners. If your pet goes missing, the person who finds them can either scan the QR Code or tap the NFC chip with their smart device, giving them access to whatever information you choose to share with them and help reunite you as quickly as possible. You’ll also receive an alert showing the GPS location of your Bow Wow Meow Smart Tag if the user shares their location.

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Dashboard access

Simple And Intuitive Account Area

By creating a secure area for users to store their personal information, we enabled the user to decide what information they chose to display to the public.

Mobile Version

Dedicated Mobile Was An Essential Element

Having the ability use this platform on mobile devices was essential, as this would likely be the main method through which the owner of a lost pet could be contacted.


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