The True Team Building Experience

How do you inspire someone to go forward and inspire their team to take part in a team building event?

This wasn’t far off what we asked ourselves when Team Challenge Company asked us, after our initial 12-month SEO campaign, to update and modernise their site. Rather than concentrating on delivering just an impeccably designed brochure site for Team Challenge Company, we looked into what it was their visitors required from the site.

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Typically, a brochure site delivers information in a classic and linear process. However, we broke down the needs the site had to meet and delivered a website that delivered a narrative.

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Focused on Technology and Content

A brochure site, in essence, is descriptive. However, this can become tedious if it does not incorporate the correct level of interaction and an effective level of information breakdown.

With dedicated content and real-time experiences from customers, TCC can keep ahead of the competition by delivering relevant and unique content, thus boosting engagement and raising their profile on Google.

What We delivered

We ensured that Team Challenge Company had a website that clearly defined what they specialise in, their goals and how their visitors can benefit from their site.

The team at TCC were able to feel confident that they could manage the site and its content via our specific and tailored Content Management System (i3CMS)

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