Integrated Tools

Below are some of the pre-built features in our CMS, which can be tailored to each delivery.

  • Find my polling station

    A helpful postcode search that shows you where the polling stations and wards are.

  • 106 / CIL

    Calculate the amount a developer will need to pay the council on completion of a property development, both commercial and domestic.

  • Planning Portal

    Planning advice filtered by type of application. Presents content in expandable boxes and includes links to planning portal,, and PDF documents.

  • Bin Collection

    Postcode search returns the bin collection days for that address. Also provides a link to the relevant collection calendar. The calendar is a standard content page on the existing website. There are three different calendars across the city. Each can be updated from a single csv upload

  • Form Builder

    Straight forward, easy to use and manage form builder, enabling questionnaires to not only be multilingual and meet accessibility needs, but also to send segregated emails and feed directly into your CRM.

  • Resource Booking

    Book resources for health and safety video and DVD loan services.

  • Events

    Easy to manage event calendar, with pre-set or changeable locations.

Solutions Delivery

Peterborough Council has an ambitious technology strategy that involves looking outside of typical local authority providers and selecting 'best of breed' solutions. i3MEDIA have been a great example of this in delivering our web platform.

GOV Council


Booking system integration allows for easy visibility of availability and direct booking online, reducing calls and freeing up back office time.


Integrated FAQs, direct from the Transversal system, pin and link content to relevant section or pages. Search the FAQ database directly from the website.

GOV.UK Benefits caluclator

Residents can access all the necessary benefit forms, allowance calculators and the information they really need, all in one place.

FR SYSTEMs sports timing integration

Collaborating with FR Systems allows residents to find their race times on their local council site, such as The Great Eastern Run.

amey bin collections

Postcode search returns the bin collection days for that address. Also provides a link to the relevant collection calendar. The calendar is a standard content page on the existing website. There are three different calendars across the city.

Sales force

Connect with the world's Number 1 CRM solution. Become a more successful business by efficiently keeping your customers satisfied by knowing more about them.

public stuff

The simple application has been integrated into the CMS, to allow for date or submission elements to be displayed across the site, allowing for a single point of contact on the app or the site.

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Dedicated Mobile Sites

The smart phone
requires a smart website.

i3MEDIA developed a dedicated mobile website that would allow the busy residents of Peterborough to use the site optimally whilst on the move, be it for a quick search of local services or reporting a pot-hole. Allowing for a true ‘self-serve’ website.

Report a Pot-hole

When is my bin collection day?

Accessibility Features built right into the council website

Multi-lingual & Accessible

The council needed a website as accessible and diverse as the residents of Peterborough.

i3MEDIA developed a site that is accessible to all of their residents. With the integration of screen-reader friendly pages, different language options and easy to locate information, anyone can now have the power of the city council with them at all times.


The clean and concise layout makes it easy for Peterborough residents to find the information they need.


With residents from all walks of life, the council needed a site that reflected the multi-national nature of the community.


The Peterborough City Council site has integrated features that allow residents with reading difficulties access the information easily.

for editors & content managers

Reducing admin time yet providing a technically rich system allows the Council to make quick and dynamic changes, which are automatically pushed to residents.

Through years of dedicated research and development, our system now boasts powerful analytics, with intelligent and innovative features that focus on the user experience, both front and back end.

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Partner Integrations

By integrating top-level technologies seamlessly into our designs, we are able to provide exceptional support no matter what your needs are.

Transversal FAQ Platform

By integrating with Transversal, in addition to our powerful search algorithm, users were met with precise and intelligent responses to their requests.This reduced the browsing time of visitors whilst directing them to informed and useful resources within the site, reducing admin time for staff at the council.


Peterborough City Council implemented SalesForce to streamline internal and external communications. Central to communications between the council and residents, it was key to have seamless integration to SalesForce.

Multilingual & Accessible

Peterborough is a multicultural city and the new site needed to embrace this. With multilingual support and extensive accessibility options, the site reaches out to all in our City.

  • Accessibility Features built right into the council website

  • Multilingual support for a multicultural city

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