Having an online presence is an absolute must for companies. In fact, depending on the industry and niche, a company cannot even survive without a well-designed corporate website. Every successful website demands visibility and that visibility comes through search engines namely Google, Yahoo! And Bing through a practice called SEO, a vital component of web design.

Now having said that, most companies tend to jump the gun with SEO, making unrealistic and sometimes unimaginable expectations only to end up disappointed and frustrated. We felt the need to clarify some things in a simple and easy to understand manner for our readers. Hence today’s post will shed some light on SEO without the technical jargon that is usually associated with it in order to help businesses and website owners understand what exactly SEO does for your website.

SEO is a Long Term Strategy

A good digital marketing strategy thinks about the future, not about the present. It covers a lot of bases and focuses on the positives of different approaches as well as their disadvantages. It also makes educated calculations based on current data to determine how the strategy would fare in the future. As such, SEO is all about long term strategy that would benefit the clients for months to come. Notice that we said months, not years. That’s because…

SEO Is An Ongoing Process

…SEO is an ongoing process. One size does not fit all. In the same way, one good strategy does not apply to every industry across the board. Many companies have a hard time grasping this but it’s really not that difficult to understand. Companies refine and redesign their marketing strategies, operational protocols and/or corporate infrastructure all the time. SEO is no different. It is an ongoing, ever-evolving, never ending process.

Awesome Website + No SEO = Awesome Failure

It’s the cool hard truth, ladies and gentlemen. It doesn’t matter if your website becomes the epitome of quality web design, if there is no SEO strategy backing it up, the only you can count on is failure. This is why website owners and businesses need to give SEO serious and thorough consideration. SEO is no joke. It is there for one thing and one thing only; to allow your target audience to reach your site. In other words, it is there to make sure you make money. Don’t disregard it.

SEO Is Not Cheap But It’s Not Expensive Either

In loose terms, SEO comes after web design. Of course there are some aspects of SEO that can begin while the website is still under construction such off-page SEO but by far, the biggest chunk of SEO work begins after the site has gone live with the very first order of business being getting the website index in Google, Bing and Yahoo!

Coming to the point, since Web Design precedes SEO, oftentimes companies tend to either forget about SEO altogether or run into budget constraints leaving little to nothing to invest in it. While SEO is certainly not cheap, it most definitely isn’t expensive either especially if you are a new company or a small businesses trying to establish web presence. So there is definitely no reason for you to pass on this opportunity.

Furthermore, many SEO companies such as i3Media offer a complete website audit absolutely free to get companies started on the path to making money. It is a great way to determine what shape your website is in currently SEO-wise and furthermore what can be done to improve it.

We hope that this post made things a little bit more clear when it comes to SEO. For more information please click here for any queries you might have for our Search Guru's.

Posted On
Nov 29 2013