It’s fair to assume that a very small amount of us are likely to meet the Royal Family. And, if we do, it’s unlikely it’ll be the really Royal ones, such as Princess Kate and Prince William.
However, with little Prince George fast approaching his second birthday, social media is igniting with excitement. With well-wishers writing detailed posts directly to the Royal parents, anyone would think they were neighbours.
As the internet, technology and social media all advance, so does the relationship between their users. Today, catching up with a friend face-to-face is fading out, and people would rather it was done online or via smartphone.
Why does this make any difference to your business?
Well, whilst you may not be throwing a party in tribute to the future King, you know when his birthday is, and so does the rest of the world.
It is becoming clear that we are forming relationships of all kinds via social media and other online means, from complaining about a cold coffee on Twitter to writing open letters to the American President on a blog. It’s out there in the public eye, for all to see - and more often than not, a response of some sort is gained.
Keep in touch and don’t ignore tweets
As we introduce new generations to the digital age, contacting someone via email or phone seems a lot of hassle when a Facebook comment can be made instead. Particularly in the world of E-commerce, it is vital to keep in touch with your ‘Friends’ and ‘Followers’.
A feeling of personal connection is made over 140 characters, and this encourages engagement with your business and your products.
This isn’t to forget the good feedback, as well as the negative; who wouldn’t want free publicity at the hands of the social media giants, such as Twitter and Facebook?
Starbucks are certainly not complaining about the steady flow of pictures on Instagram featuring their white cups.
So, Happy Birthday Prince George, from all of us at i3MEDIA, and thanks for reminding us all to check our Facebook messages.

Posted On
Jul 22 2015