We knew it was coming; we just weren’t sure it would take off quite so dramatically.
Over 25% of all digital advertising is now designed for Smartphones. Mobile advertising budget rose from £30million to £1.08billion in the first half of the year. A truly astounding rise; one that critics had expected, but there is no question that they didn’t expect this steep of an increase.
With smartphone usage in the UK exploding, with nearly 75% of adults now being in possession of such, there has never been a better time to ensure your business is ready. If these statistics seem alarming, we’ve only just eased you in.
It is claimed that this 75% of adults regularly use their smartphone en-route to work, on public transport, at work or whilst shopping. This time proves to be perfect for the purchasing of items online, checking emails or generally catching up with circles on social media.
Although, having said that, it would appear that those in the younger bracket will have checked their phone within the first five minutes of waking up! This could potentially mean they are looking at your marketing email and storing that online voucher code before they have even made it to the bathroom.
Many companies within all kinds of industries are keen to tap into this mobile market, potentially pushing the amount of money set aside for more traditional advertising methods; out of the picture entirely.  
With the internet now the fastest growing platform for advertising, critics have even come out and said that they are expecting the next decade to see it overtake television in advertising spend.
If that is not a wake-up call to all you folks out there sitting comfortably in your belief that online presence is a fad, we implore you to think differently.
At i3MEDIA, we are ready and waiting to show you exactly what is achievable from an online store, and, more importantly, the possibility and benefits of a mobile website for your e-Commerce business.
If you would like more information, or to arrange and set up a demo with us, get in touch with the experts at i3, who are more than willing to walk you through!

Posted On
Nov 13 2015