What have they been up to since the unveiling of the new Macbook and the coloured phones? Well, finally a TV box that seems worth investing our time and money in.
It appears that it is not just the die-hard Apple fans that are excited about this one, nor those that just like everything in its place with brushed steel; in fact, this looks like it might just well be the contender that we’ve been waiting for. Amazon Fire might want to watch out as Apple are ready to put that flame out.
However, what we’re really excited about is the operating system that allows you to search and when we say search; that is precisely what we mean. Viewers will be able to find their favourite and long-awaited via a universal search tool that will pull up where they can watch their desired show.
But it’s not just the app function that will put hours back into precious free time.
Many iPhone fans will already be familiar with Siri, Apple’s voice-controlled “personal assistant” or “friend” to some. Well, he’s just had a promotion to your house.
Via the new Siri Remote, viewers are able to bypass menus and just tell him what to put on the big screen.
However, unlike competitors, and this is where Apple truly bumps the Amazon Fire TV 4K, Siri will also respond to more complicated requests, like “bring up all romantic films from the 1990s” or simply “Siri. Breaking Bad. Play” (for those who struggle with cohesive thoughts post 6 pm).
Admittedly, you may find yourself surpassing the ‘crazy cat lady’ stage and reaching the ‘clinically insane’ level rapidly when talking to an empty living room. Then again, in the same vein we may also think that our previous generations are insane for pressing bright coloured, chunky, battery-powered devices.
Siri aside, gamers are also going to be in for a delight. As well as the usual gaming suspects, Apple TV features a mass of new titles set to be included such as (but not exclusively); Manticore Rising, Rayman Adventures, Shadowmatic, Transistor and Guitar Hero Live.
In a similar style to the Wii, the remote also includes a wrist strap and a built-in accelerometer and gyroscope so that you can use it as a game controller. Faaaaaaancy!
Watch this space for a further detailed review of the new Apple Gadget!

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Posted On
Nov 21 2015