When it comes to building an online presence, some people believe that building an amazing website is enough. In some cases this might happen, but it is very rare. 
Your new website might boast usability, creativity and a unique idea, but that’s not necessarily going to drive people to your website on its own. Ever heard the saying, “If you build it, they will come”? It may have worked in some movies but unfortunately it’s not going to work as well online. 

The thing is, there are millions of websites hoping for the same success story. Whether you have a new business or one that has been around for ten plus years, you are still fighting the same problem; competition.

Competition happens on the high street, but it also happens online too. Each industry is different but an online presence works virtually the same across the board. You need creative, engaging and relevant content on your webpages. You need a website that it search engine friendly and you need to know your customers. It sounds like an impossible task, but it doesn’t have to be.

Google is always trying to improve its search engines to ensure that only the most relevant and the most useful information is displayed to its users when they make a search and with their most recent release of the ‘Hummingbird’, they continue to do so.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has been at the forefront of determining who is in what position on Google, and this will be probably always be the case, but without knowledge of this it might be difficult for your business to be in the position it wants to be online. Although still, this alone might not be enough.

Google’s Matt Cutts, Head of Webspam, has recently explained the importance of being natural among all channels, which include SEO, social media, content and a well-built website. His reasoning behind this is because Google is always changing its algorithm, so all of these will continue to be prominent when ensuring your website’s relevancy to people’s search queries.

This can be a lot of effort for companies to do, especially when they are so focused on their business in general, keeping their website up-to-date, keeping their social media engaging and ensuring their website is SEO friendly is a time consuming and daunting task, even if it does contain a lot of benefits.

Building an online presence is never easy, but it is a lot easier when put in the hands of someone (or a group of people) that know what they are doing. For any advice and all things digital, contact us. 

Posted On
Nov 27 2013