In our previous post, i3media.net looked into the news that the Social Media giant, Facebook, had decided to bow to an unearthly amount of requests for them to add a Dislike button.
With no end of scams and polls gracing our screens, promising that after answering hundreds of questions there would be access to a ‘dislike’ button, the real deal has finally arrived.
However, the question was also raised: ‘would this help internet trolls and bullies to isolate individuals’ with the sad, increasing trend of using social media as a method of abuse. Well, the smart team at Facebook have managed to avoid this almost entirely.
Rather than a simple ‘like’ or ‘dislike’ feature, they have opted for a range of seven emotions instead, allowing users to express their emotions via the use of one of the following: the classic Facebook Like, with the addition of Love, Haha, Yay, Wow, Sad and Angry. As with the current ‘Like’ option, users will be able to see a tally of reactions below the post.
However, be wary not to get too excited as this isn’t being rolled out in the UK just yet. Before you think it, the US isn’t going to be first either. In fact, it is going to be the Irish and Spanish that will be the first to express their emotions via these new buttons.
While there are now seven options, we wondered whether there might be some that Facebook have forgotten.

More often than not, people decide to use social media as a means of expressing themselves. However, when this is done during a night out on the town, there can be a lot of guess-work involved whilst translating the true meaning of the status.

You see, we feel that this could suffice as a status in its own right. How many of you notice that your news feed is cluttered with murmurings of boredom, often sent from deep within school, work or worse - your own bedroom.

This emotion can often be overlooked or even disregarded as an emotion at all. But, rest assured, it is certainly an emotion in our books. In fact, we also deem it a very viable response to many things.
So as you can see, we’re generally a very confused and hungry bunch. But one thing we are not is bored, so why not get in touch with us regarding your social media and online marketing strategy? We’re pretty certain we can turn a biscuit down to answer your burning questions!

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Oct 22 2015