i3MEDIA has worked with Fancy A Snuggle for nearly four years, and we are big fans of their business concept. Completely customisable phone and tablet cases are a great idea, and every great idea needs to be showcased in the best possible way.

That is why Fancy A Snuggle came to us with a plan to create a new website that not only communicated the brand’s image, but also embraced digital innovation. We were ready for the challenge and took to the task straight away.

The key feature of the original site was the bespoke Case Builder tool, which proved to be an immediate and ongoing success with Fancy A Snuggle’s visitors. When developing the new site, we knew we had to keep the Case Builder at the heart of the action, so that is what we did.

Now we are happy to unveil the fresh new Fancy A Snuggle website, complete with new features, better images and improved user experience. It was a fun and interesting project to undertake, made all the better by Fancy A Snuggle and their customers’ positive response.

We look forward to continuing our work with Fancy A Snuggle and we invite you to learn more about this project from our Case Study, or you can visit the site yourself. 

Posted On
Nov 22 2012